Sensor consulting service

Experienced engineers will solve your concerns about sensing!

This is a service that consults on the types, specifications, mounting positions, and logging methods of sensors used for data acquisition when utilizing IoT x AI such as anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

Do you have any problems?

  • I want to add an anomaly detection function using a vibration sensor to my product, but I don't know what kind of sensor to choose.
  • I want to achieve it at the lowest possible cost, but I don't know if I can achieve what I want with the specs of a low-priced sensor
  • I want to know the most suitable mounting position because the data that can be acquired differs depending on the mounting position.
  • I don't know how to build a logging system at the later stage that is required when using an analog output sensor

Service overview

1. Selection of sensors to be used for target equipment

2. Installation position advice to get correct data

3.1day measurement service

You can check the actual operation image before introduction in the data sensing experiment by engineers.
After the implementation, we will submit a report containing the following contents.

  • Experimental operating conditions
  • Obtained data list
  • Summary of acquired data
  • Acquisition data details
  • Considerations for Experiments and Future Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Future prospects