SENSPIDER embedded development PoC kit for industrial machine manufacturers

Ideal for function development of anomaly detection/predictive maintenance using AI in industrial machinery!
By incorporating SENSPIDER into your product, you can shorten the development period.


Examples of main detection targets
  • Bearing scratches/wear
  • Abnormal spindle
  • shaft unbalance
  • ball screw failure
  • Abnormal tool/chattering
  • heat mutation
Examples of typical target devices

machine tools, press machines, injection molding machines,
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial printers,
Large boilers, pumps, compressors,
Centrifuges, cooling towers, conveyors, etc.
Device with rotating mechanism

Representative function

  • Reducing the number of consecutive defective products caused by abnormal alarms
  • Maintenance optimization by detecting signs of failure
  • Accuracy improvement by monitoring the condition of important points

System configuration

Data from various wired analog sensors can be acquired with a simple configuration

Wideband vibration sensor compatible (up to 48KHz sampling)

User custom AI models can be implemented

Predictive maintenance / Milestone of embedded development of anomaly detection function

In addition to SENSPIDER 's technical support, please entrust us with commissioned development in each phase.


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System configuration for each phase

Phase 1-2 Data accumulation - model development / accuracy verification


Phase 3-4 Construction of actual machine verification environment - Product development

Kit contents

1. Sensor data collection unit


■ All-in-one functions required for sensor data collection (sensor power supply / sensor amplifier / data logger / computing / communication interface)

■ Width 150mm x Depth 85mm x Height 100mm Neatly stored in the control panel

■ Realizes data extraction with various capture modes/trigger functions

■ 3 interface cards can be freely combined (up to 8ch input possible)

■ Edge detection is possible on SENSPIDER by implementing a user custom algorithm



Interface card specifications

General purpose voltage current sensor

■ Number of channels: 2ch
■ Input/output terminal: Terminal block for AW16 to 26 wires
■ Connectable sensor: Current/voltage output type

high speed vibration sensor

■ Number of channels: 2ch
■ Input/output terminal: 50BNC-J
■ Connectable sensor: Amplifier built-in type

Temperature sensor

■ Number of channels: 2ch
■ Input/output terminal: Single
■ Connectable sensors: J/K thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors

2. Data analysis software Sigma


■ Management of time-series data obtained in cooperation with SENSPIDER / waveform display / signal processing / trend display, etc.

■ General text format measurement data collected by devices other than SENSPIDER can also be imported

■ Supports data analysis using the MT method using the AI module function (when the AI module option is selected)


Waveform display




kit price

3 sensor interface cards *selectable from high-speed vibration/general-purpose/temperature
5 years maintenance
Data analysis software Sigma *Optional

PoC kit for industrial machine manufacturers

¥400,000 (excluding tax)

PoC kit + Sigma option for industrial machine manufacturers

¥900,000 (excluding tax)


*Consultation and installation for data acquisition/analysis are not included in the package.

* Sigma is the software that analyzes the acquired data. It cannot be used for long-term continuous operation when incorporated into a system.



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*"SENSPIDER" is a registered trademark of Macnica