Digital Manufacturing starting from health checkup

“What is necessary for DX success?”
There is an answer to this question that Macnica, who has been involved in over 300 DX projects, has arrived at. This starts with a ``health check'' of the business to understand how the business is currently being performed and what state it is in.
As a step to connect the know-how that Japan's manufacturing industry has cultivated to date to the future, we have introduced a "diagnosis method" that will greatly accelerate project promotion by understanding the current situation of "short-term, minimal burden" that incorporates global standards. Let's take a look at it together.

Image of factory health checkup

Digital Manufacturing requires an understanding of the current state of operations... but it is difficult.

Bottlenecks in grasping the current situation

Survey subject load
Burden on the investigating side
Omission of business
investigation time
Fig. It takes time to grasp the current situation

everyone is busy
take time to hear
can't call

business flow
to paint
Surprisingly difficult? !

analysis so far
We've come a long way!
but actually
Not organized...

Let's start with a health check!

It is difficult to grasp the current state of business.

Unable to understand business content

I don't know who is spending how much time...

can't figure out the problem

what is the problem...

Unable to formulate countermeasures, unknown priority

How can we improve...

Accelerate your project with health checkups!

Analyze and visualize current operations

In addition to work load, work skills and
Analysis from various perspectives, such as bias in personnel allocation

Clarification of essential issues


Identifying potential issues

Define requirements that can be effectively fulfilled

Clarification of project scope and system requirements

Quantification of improvement effect and improvement of estimation

Understanding the current situation (health checkup) starting with the global standard BPMN

BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)
What is

“BPMN” is a standardized business flow visualization method.
Unlike transient AsIS analysis,
While minimizing the burden on the site,
It is intended to quantify the current situation.

Visualization of conventional operations

Hearing takes time
work is interrupted

Insufficient business extraction

work level and
notation is falling apart

Qualitative analysis deer

Visualization of business using BPMN

of the person in charge the burden
it hardly takes

There is no business omission

The level of work and the notation method

Quantitative analysis cost effective in

The key to a successful project is to execute it in a short period of time and with a minimal load.

BPMN can do this!

Business structure example Load analysis example (1)
Sample image of business structure example Example of load analysis (1) Sample image
Load analysis example ② Skill analysis example
Example of load analysis (2) Sample image Skill analysis example sample image
Personal analysis example Cost analysis example
Personal analysis example sample image Cost analysis example sample image

The created business flow is
For DX project requirement definition


We have prepared a white paper where you can learn in detail about the three points that lead to the success of DX promotion: “health checkup”, “simulation”, and “Fit to Standard”.
There are hints for those who want to learn more about DX promotion and seriously want to succeed in DX, so please take this opportunity to see it.

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