One-stop solution for embedding AI x IoT in machine tools

With the advancement of IoT, there is a need to not only "connect" various machines, but also to provide new value by utilizing the data obtained from them. It is necessary not only to sell machine tools individually, but also to provide added value to solve problems at manufacturing sites, such as reducing downtime, optimizing maintenance costs, and increasing the efficiency of work processes.
Macnica leverages its experience in solving problems in the manufacturing industry and has the know-how and cutting-edge technology to solve problems for machine tool manufacturers and end users.
We support the creation of solutions suitable for various machine tools, from demonstration experiments to commercialization and maintenance operations, contributing to the creation of new business models.

System image Process integration

By utilizing technologies such as AI and IoT to aggregate data not only for machines but also for the entire factory, we are able to monitor and optimize the operational status of all factories around the world.
By aggregating and visualizing the acquired data in the cloud system, continuous maintenance can be provided to end users.

Image of AI × IoT Ready Platform

Do you have any problems?

I have to work on product development using advanced technology, but I don't know where to start

I want to know the status of AI efforts by machine tool manufacturers

You cannot introduce AI on your own

We want to provide customers with products with high added value

Machine Tools Typical Issues by Type and Approaches to Solutions

Different types of machine tools have different ways of solving problems.
We use the latest and most suitable technology for various machine tools to solve problems and support process optimization.

Types and issues


Machining precision abnormality detection
Work loss reduction


Spindle predictive maintenance
Rack and pinion predictive maintenance

Tool error/wear detection
Chuck chip biting detection


Spindle predictive maintenance
Wheel dressing timing optimization

Whetstone abnormality (clogging, crushed eyes, spilled eyes)
Deterioration detection (burn cracks, processing fins)
Thermal displacement compensation

gear cutting machine

Spindle predictive maintenance

Tool error/wear detection


Captured during warm-up
Chip removal automation

Spindle/feed axis status trend monitoring/abnormality detection
Cutting oil contamination detection

Tool error/wear detection
Chatter vibration detection
Thermal displacement compensation

electrical discharge machine

Table ball screw predictive maintenance
Deterioration detection of wire sending part

Coolant discharge monitoring
Abnormal voltage detection during machining

Injection molding machine

Ball screw/motor predictive maintenance
Mold clamping shaft strain detection
Bush pin wear detection

Screw wear detection


final goal


Optimization of field work processes (future)
  • Automatic recommendation of optimal machining parameters for input drawings
  • Remote process error cause detection, remote maintenance
  • Real-time feedback to machining conditions with machine condition sensing
  • Index position optimization

of value to the end user,
Building solutions using AI

for machine tool manufacturers
Supporting business model transformation itself

Okamoto Machine Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. Effort example

Logo image of Okamoto Machine Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd.

``Aiming for a grinder that anyone can easily perform high-precision machining, approaching the behind the scenes of the development project''

One-stop solution for embedding AI x IoT in machine tools

How to proceed with a machine learning project and support system

In order to provide high value-added machine tools to end users, it is essential to introduce technologies such as AI and IoT.
However, this requires a support system with specialized knowledge in each phase.
Macnica has specialists such as data scientists and data sensing engineers who will accelerate the resolution of our customers' problems.

Macnica 's strengths

Sensing technology

  • Support for effective data collection according to equipment by engineers from the manufacturing industry who are familiar with on-site equipment
    • Consulting on appropriate sensor selection and mounting position
    • Utilization of CNC/PLC data in equipment
image of sensing technology

Data analysis/AI implementation technology

  • E (Engineer) qualification specializing in solving problems in the industrial equipment and manufacturing industries * Support by a possessed data scientist
    • Optimal Algorithm Selection for Problems - AI Generation, Device Implementation
    • Algorithm tuning according to a wide range of user environments (instrumental differences, machining conditions, target workpieces, etc.)
  • A wide variety of mounting destinations
    • Wide coverage from edge computing terminals and industrial PCs to component level (CPU, PGA, GPU)
      *Qualification E: A person who understands the theory of deep learning and has the ability to select and implement appropriate methods, certified by the Japan Deep Learning Association.
Images of data analysis and AI implementation technology

Unique to technology trading company Macnica. Built-in support centered on our own products

  • Adopting trends in cutting-edge technology, commercialization, and incorporation of AI IoT into mass-produced equipment
    • Semiconductor sensor-based low-cost, waterproof, compact vibration pickup “AVP”
    • Sensor data collection Edge computing terminal ”SENSPIDER
    • Original OPC UA Server SDK (Industrie 4.0 compliant)
Image of built-in support centered on in-house products

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Technical Exchange Meeting 2020 Lecture Report

"Digital Transformation of Machine Tools and the Road to Service to Generate New Revenue Sources" was held.
How does a machine tool manufacturer using digital technology transform from selling products to selling products?
You can see the materials of the session on the day.

Participatory panel discussion "Key persons in the industry approach the essence of digital innovation in machine tools"

Key technology that drives digital transformation
*Materials available on the day

Competing with the world through value change ~The reason why Ise's long-established restaurant "Ebiya" was able to transform into the world's leading AI company "EBILAB"~
*Materials available on the day

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