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A flexible factory that seeks profitability

At Macnica, we believe that a truly successful smart factory is one that can continue to maintain maximum production efficiency. It improves the productivity of the entire factory, increases the profitability of the company's manufacturing activities, and in turn creates great value for the company's development.

But how should such efforts begin? Start with a site-friendly idea that puts less burden on the people at the production site and gives them a real sense of effectiveness.

First of all, start from one line at the site starting point.
Structuring manufacturing data, continuing the kaizen cycle, and expanding the success to other lines and developing it to the entire factory. It is an absolute requirement to be able to make operational corrections on site.
Would you like to aim for a "flexible factory" that combines scalability and flexibility?


Linking target metrics
Analyze with common indicators without being cut off by the organizational hierarchy.

Having a standardized data structure for that is the starting line of Digital Manufacturing.

The ultimate goal is to expand production efficiency improvements throughout the company.
Starting from the manufacturing site of one factory.

It is a necessary condition that the system is a system that allows high-quality Japanese manufacturing sites that work on Kaizen on a daily basis to enjoy the value of smart factories.

Fits on site.
Minimal maintenance.

Packaged products that can be combined for each function to fit the site.
Specifications that assume in-house maintenance minimize the trouble of maintenance

Convinced by the video! smart factory

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