Security that realizes a safe CPS (Cyber Physical System) society

As the fusion of cyberspace and physical space accelerates with the aim of solving various social issues and developing the economy, factories and edge terminals that have been protected in a closed environment are beginning to connect to external networks. Under these circumstances, attacks targeting manufacturers and threats targeting the entire supply chain are increasing rapidly, and companies are required to strengthen security in areas different from before.

At Macnica, we provide security solutions that are essential for stable business continuity for manufacturers, from consulting to security in the areas of "in-house IT (CIT)," "in-house products (IoT)," and "in-house factories (OT)." We provide comprehensive support.

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Security response status survey, SOC construction support, XSIRT construction support, internal guideline formulation, production site network diagnosis, etc.

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Why Choose Us

Comprehensive security assistance

Comprehensive support from consulting for all areas of IT/OT/IoT to product implementation and construction of operational systems

Rich industry intelligence

Abundant knowledge of the industry cultivated through customer support in a wide range of business domains, such as support for embedded device design and smart factory development cultivated in the semiconductor business

cutting edge technology

Discovery and provision of the world's most advanced security technology that is not yet standardized in Japan


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