digital transformation

digital transformation

We support the realization of digital transformation through data utilization

Cliff in 2025――――

It is a term that refers to the expected decline in competitiveness of companies if they cannot overcome the problems of existing systems that have become complicated and black Box and cannot achieve digital transformation. the Company support the creation of new value for companies through digital transformation. In addition to the knowledge cultivated in existing businesses, such as data analysis using voice and emotion, and the improvement of software developer experience, we will connect business issues faced by companies to business opportunities by improving customer experience using cutting-edge IT.

Digital transformation by issue

Our products that make up the solution


A platform that can collect, search, analyze, and visualize various data.

Examples of data that can be analyzed)
Business data, business processes, voice and emotion, camera images, unstructured data such as location information, sales data such as sales amount and points, etc. All kinds of data

A voice emotion analysis AI made in Japan that analyzes joy, normality, anger, sadness, and vitality from the physical features of the voice regardless of language. By understanding the speaker's voice and visualizing their emotions, it is being used to improve employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, mainly in call centers.

A natural language analysis tool. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language understanding technology to automatically extract the most important themes from large amounts of unstructured text data.

  • High-precision, high-speed face recognition
  • Number of people, vehicle count, attribute analysis, face recognition, vehicle type identification, repeater detection, dwell time analysis, heat map, etc...
  • Number of people, attribute analysis, face recognition, congestion detection, route analysis, intrusion detection, etc...

Highly accurate indoor positioning solution using UWB technology.
Leverage position detection to

  • Instantly know where people and things are
  • Optimal layout construction from behavior analysis
  • Safety management of dangerous workers in factories and warehouses

and many other things can be achieved.


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