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Cyberattacks that attempt to infiltrate the systems of government agencies and private companies and steal confidential information such as intellectual property and personal information are becoming more sophisticated and intensifying, and the damage caused by such attacks has become a major social problem. I am. ``I want to do something about this situation.'' ``I want to make cyberspace a place where everyone can use it with peace of mind.'' With this mission in mind, Macnica established the Security Research Center in 2013 as a pure research institution independent of its business divisions. We are conducting research on cyber attacks, which are attracting attention around the world.

Sophisticated Cyber-Attacks are Dealt with with Both Technical and Informational Power

Why did Macnica launch a security research center? There are two reasons for this. The first is that the efforts of private companies and existing security measures were no longer able to deal with the rapidly increasing number of targeted attacks at the time. Attackers ignore laws and ethics and use all kinds of techniques and methods to steal information. Defenders are at an overwhelming disadvantage against such attacks. To counter such attacks, all organizations, including companies, universities, governments, and NPOs, must combine their collective efforts.

Macnica has strong connections with the world's top security companies and leading experts. An important mission of ours is to deliver carefully selected cutting-edge information to Japan based on the knowledge we have gained.

Utilizing Research Results to Propose Optimal Solutions to Cyber Threats

Another reason for establishing the Security Research Center was that in order to propose appropriate cybersecurity measures to customers, we first needed to understand the situation, including who is attacking and what methods they are using. .

There are three main types of cyber attacks. Cyber espionage activities that attempt to steal confidential information from government agencies and private companies, cyber crimes that target an unspecified number of people for financial purposes, and hacktivism, which is a form of social and political expression of intention and sabotage. It's a cyber attack. Furthermore, the situation varies greatly depending on the country as to who and what kind of attacks they are receiving. Therefore, in order to deal with attacks that are landing on Japan from overseas, it is necessary to investigate and analyze not only damage cases overseas, but also the damage situation within Japan. However, compared to advanced security countries such as the United States and Israel, Japan's research on cyber attacks is still lagging behind. Therefore, our center is also focusing on investigating and analyzing cyberattacks sent to Japan from overseas.

Furthermore, the knowledge gained through research is shared within the company and is used to improve the skills of engineers and propose security solutions. Macnica offers the latest services such as the "Threat Hunting Service," which discovers malware hidden within an organization, and the "Attack Surface Management Service," which uses the same perspective and techniques as an attacker to find externally exposed assets that are believed to belong to the customer. We also provide services.

At a Prestigious Conference,
Disseminate World-Class Research Results

The Security Research Center is also focusing on disseminating information. We have partnered with some of the world's leading security companies to investigate attacks that have actually landed and research the methods of cyberattacks, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We have already produced world-class research results, and our researchers have made presentations at prestigious international conferences.
For example, a researcher exhibited a tool for simulating attacks at a world-famous conference called "Black Hat." This is the first time for a Japanese to do so. Other researchers have also been invited to give lectures in Japan and overseas, presenting the results of their research.

In Japan, the Center also collaborates with industry, government, and academia to promote efforts to make cyberspace safer. I would like to raise the level of security measures in Japan and eventually export those solutions to the world. That's our dream.


  • Research on Targeted Attacks Landing in Japan
  • Research on Attack Surface Management
  • Research on SMS Phishing
  • Business Email Compromise Research
  • Incident response
  • Threat Hunting
  • Macnica-CIRT
  • Malware Analysis

Achievements (partial)

international conference

・Black Hat USA Arsenal 2013 – 2016、2023
・Mandiant Cyber Defense Summit 2021
・VB2020 localhost
・CONFidence 2020
・HITCON Pacific 2018
・BSides Austin 2018
・Black Hat Asia Arsenal 2017
・DEF CON 25 Demo Labs 2017

Domestic conference

・Japan Security Analyst Conference 2018, 2021, 2022, 2023
・B Sides Tokyo 2023
・(ISC)² Japan Chapter Annual Conference 2022
・The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Cyber Security Seminar 2019, 2021
・Information Security Workshop in Echigo Yuzawa 2021
・Shirahama Symposium 18th

Other social activities

・Security Camp National Conference Lecturer
・Government Security Advisor
・Researcher, Keidanren 21st Century Policy Research Institute
・FY2021 Multinational Cyber Defense Competition
・Management of security community Hamasekku

Supervised translation of books

・Incident response 3rd edition

threat research

Security Research Center Blog

achievement images

Security Report

Actual state of targeted attacks and countermeasure approaches 7th edition Trends in cyber espionage targeting Japan FY2021
Actual state of targeted attacks and countermeasure approaches 6th edition Trends in cyber espionage targeting Japan FY2021
Attack Trends and Solutions Targeting Domestic Corporate Websites
Actual state of business email fraud and countermeasure approach

Security Research Center Blog

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