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About Macnica

About Macnica,Inc.

Macnica,Inc. has a vision that it wants to realize.
A comfortable, reliable and sustainable society. A rich life full of smiles.
Exploring techniques and knowledge, continuing to sow, nurture, connect, and spin the seeds.
Our work changes the future.

Top Message

Message from the leaders

Top management talks about Macnica,Inc. 's uniqueness and future vision.

We are developing businesses that create social and economic value and contribute to the development of future society.


Desired Figure

I will tell you the image of the person that Macnica,Inc. seeks.

Virtual Office Tour

Virtual Office Tour

This is a virtual office tour of the Shin-Yokohama head office.

Through its corporate activities, Macnica,Inc. contributes to the formation of a prosperous society and lifestyle.
Here we introduce the fields where Macnica,Inc. 's products and services, which support society behind the scenes, are active.


For The Future Smile.