A showroom where you can experience Macnica running at top speed while accompanying customers ``first-hand.''
Integrated Report LIMITLESS 2023
Macnica's Voice
"International Women's Day" Event Report Macnica Diversity Fes
We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the affected areas and everyone involved in the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024.
We sincerely pray for everyone's safety and speedy recovery.

Numerical Perspective on Macnica

  • Group Sales

    1 Trillion Yen
  • Global Business Development

    92 locations in 26 countries/regions
  • Percentage of Engineers to Employees

    1 in 3

Co-creation Activities

Images of co-creation activitiesImages of co-creation activities
Co-creation by Macnicaicon

As a co-creation partner with future conception, implementation, and technology fitting capabilities, we will promote co-creation activities with everyone as a Service & Solution Company that can contribute to solving social and global environmental problems and creating a future digital society. I will continue.


technology imagestechnology images
To Create the Future Togethericon

Now that technology is being implemented at an unprecedented speed,
Multiplication of exponentially developing "exponential technology" and "knowledge" that overlooks it will solve social problems,
It is the source of innovation that leads to business growth.
Here, we will deliver hints for creating the future from the perspective of exponential technology.