A plan is meaningful only if it is realized
[Manufacturing Consulting] To manufacturing that makes use of technology that leads companies to a competitive advantage
[CPS IoT Consulting] Realizing strong "product security" measures that support the manufacturing industry that is changing with the DX strategy
[5G Security Consulting] Realizing security measures that take into consideration the connection between 5G open networks and systems

how to implement the plan
Realization-oriented DX consulting "ADD Venture"

Optimal for customers who emphasize the implementation and realization of solutions in improving business value and solving management issues.
We provide DX consulting.

Feature 1

More than just proposal materials
Provide implementation and realization

Feature 2

As a technology trading company
trained in daily business
cutting edge technology,
Utilize and provide cutting-edge products

Feature 3


Why implementation-oriented?

Instead of focusing on providing "research documents and proposal materials" like conventional consulting, DX consulting "ADD Venture"

  • Emphasis on “concrete solutions” and “execution to solve” to solve problems
  • 解決策も「リアルビジネスで鍛え抜かれた実効策」を提案
  • Respond to lack of capabilities with “new technology and partner development capabilities”

We are committed to thoroughly focusing on "solutions with technology," "execution and effectiveness," and "implementation of technology refined in daily business."

Offer menu

Dilemma of planning and realization

ADD Venture offers not only consulting and strategy planning menus, but also a good adviser and consultant for customers who have had trouble realizing plans, such as "realizing their own existing plans" and "reviewing and realizing proposals from other companies." be a leader

Technology planning and consulting
Realization and consulting in the execution stage

Examples from a wide range of industries

"Pharmaceutical/manufacturer" image


  • Introduction of digital promotion support for production, predictive maintenance of equipment, remote monitoring, etc.
"Building maintenance / real estate" image image

Building maintenance/real estate

  • Business transformation using digital technology for cleaning, security, and equipment maintenance, from grand design to application development and system
"Construction machinery manufacturer" image image

construction machinery manufacturer

  • Consulting and introduction of autonomous driving systems
"Communication carrier" image image

communication carrier

  • Creation of security guidelines in cooperation with telecommunications carriers
  • Security consulting for telecommunications carriers, introduction of security products

technology offerings

Realizing customer issues with "problem-solving consulting + cutting-edge technology".

how to implement the plan
We will realize it with our discerning power that combines intelligence through business co-creation with more than 18,000 partners.

We support the realization of customer plans with the Company unique strengths cultivated in daily real business, such as Digital Manufacturing, autonomous driving, manufacturing, AI, DX security, semiconductors, and networks.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing image

Optimize your workforce and accelerate your company's growth!

Utilizing cutting-edge knowledge and technology, we support all management issues of our customers and digitize factories. Accelerate management innovation.

Autonomous Driving

autonomous driving DX image image

DX the movement of people and goods by utilizing the core technology of autonomous driving

We support the conversion of mobility to DX with the technical capabilities cultivated in the construction of autonomous driving vehicles and various implementations. We produce total DX for mobility systems, including automation of on-site logistics, analysis of people flow using LIDAR sensors, and infrastructure coordination. We also support operational improvements through smart maintenance and automation of heavy construction machinery.


Manufacturing consulting DX image image

Strong corporate value and high customer satisfaction through skills, ideas and the latest technology

Manufacturing that incorporates digital technology is no longer something that is done only by the manufacturing industry. Product development using IoT and AI is spreading even in industries that had nothing to do with digitization.


AI-DX image image

AI has the power to accelerate change

We will design experiences that users will want to continue using and accelerate the social implementation of AI.

DX Security

DX security image

More peace of mind in a diversifying business environment

Supporting company-wide security transformation that is optimal for the DX era by making full use of cutting-edge technology and information capabilities

First, the DX security maturity
Feel free to diagnose

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