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Business and social innovation brought about by IoT

The number of "things" and IoT-related devices connected to the Internet has increased rapidly in the last few years, and in fact has shown an explosive increase. Furthermore, with the spread of COVID-19 as a major social, economic, and technological paradigm shift, the wave of IoT adoption is exponentially accelerating.

In addition to conventional Internet-connected terminals such as personal computers and smartphones, today all kinds of "things" around the world, such as home appliances, automobiles, buildings and factories, are now connected to networks.

By organically connecting things through the Internet, society, economy, and industry are becoming more efficient, and unknown added value is being realized.

IoT in daily life

For example, IoT has the potential to bring about the realization of smart homes that realize unprecedentedly safe, secure, and comfortable lives. It will be possible to link and manage various devices such as smart locks, smart LED lighting, security cameras, and devices that reduce electricity bills.

In addition, IoT combined with automobiles is also attracting attention, such as the realization of autonomous driving. Sensors installed in the car collect information such as current location and driving data, and send it to the cloud. AI precisely analyzes the information sent to the cloud. And this time, the analysis data is sent to the car. Cars will be able to perform optimized and safe autonomous driving based on data.

In addition to being used for autonomous driving, such driving data can be used to analyze each driver's driving data, making it possible to provide services suitable for each driver, and for automobile companies to provide more personalized customer service. Become.

IoT in industry

The benefits of IoT (IIoT) are immeasurable not only in our daily lives, but also in industry.

By connecting "things", in other words, things, sensors, and production equipment in factories, are connected by networks, whether wireless or wired, and by collecting and analyzing data, unprecedented new value is created. Such "IIoT" is already being used in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics/transportation, distribution/retailing, and more.

By connecting the "cloud" and "things" (IoT/M2M/IIoT) to the Internet, lifestyles will be drastically improved, new product development and usage methods and business models will be created, and new profit opportunities will be created. expected to be produced.

IoT building blocks

So, what are the necessary elements to realize IoT that will transform business and society?

Various modules are necessary because IoT is something that must be fused via the Internet, such as things and things, services and services.

The three elements of “device/sensor,” “network,” and “cloud” are particularly important.・ There are layers as various modules of physics.

Seamless connection of related elements in this way is essential for the realization of impactful IoT.



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