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What is AI Research & Innovation Hub (ARIH)?

In this era of transformation with increasing digitalization, it is essential for companies to create and maximize added value through the use of IT, especially artificial intelligence, in order to achieve sustainable growth.
AI Research & Innovation Hub, abbreviated as ARIH, evaluates cutting-edge AI research, surveys, and implementations, and provides knowledge that combines the most suitable AI technologies so that customers can make appropriate decisions. We are working to find the optimal solution for

Value Provided by ARIH



Achievements in Efforts to solve Various Problems

  • Cumulative research of more than 600 papers
  • More than 30 cases of AI adaptation to actual operation
  • Development of various algorithms


Know the Domain
Experienced Personnel

  • Members with knowledge of both "production/manufacturing technology (OT)" and "information technology (IT)"
  • 20% of the team is global talent
  • 20 or more lectures per year
resolving power

resolving power

According to Customer Issues
Proposing Methods that Can be Applied in Practice

  • Hearing of issues
  • Selection of optimal technical methods
  • Knowledge sharing

ARIH Initiatives

AI Research Papers

AI Research Papers

Conducting over 300 research papers per year

Evaluate AI Technology

Evaluate AI Technology

Evaluation of algorithms and AI solutions

Develop Algorithms

Develop Algorithms

Development of optimal algorithms for problem solving

AI Social Implementation Service Re:Alize

AI has the power to accelerate change.
Re:Alize is an AI social implementation service that designs experiences that users want to keep using.


AI that incorporates a new technology called "brain science".
BRAIL incorporates the new value brought about by Braintech, and aims to accelerate the integration and social implementation of brain science and IT/artificial intelligence (AI). I am proposing.

Open Innovation Partner

Beyond Limits
Neural Pocket