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Through Open Innovation
Accelerating the Fusion of Brain Science and AI,
An Organization that Accelerates the Social Implementation of AI.

What is Brain AI Innovation Lab (BRAIL)?

BRAIL Incorporates a New Technology Called "Brain Science",
We Will Further Increase the Value Created by AI.

Not only how to use brain science and ideas, but also sharing knowledge based on cutting-edge research,
We will develop and operate new services for social implementation.

Value Provided by BRAIL

BRAIL's Efforts

We will realize a prosperous future through "brain science x AI".

Article Research
Survey by researchers with knowledge of both AI and brain science
Joint Research
Deepen Brain-AI knowledge through collaboration with open innovation partners
Algorithm Development
Development of optimal algorithms based on brain science

Do You Have Brain Science and AI Savvy People in Your Organization?

When we think about increasing the value of AI, it is the human brain that can expand its potential.
Brain-AI," which is a cross between Brain and AI (Artificial Intelligence), will provide an approach to solving problems by extracting essential data from the brain that we are not aware of.

Use Case

By adding brain science technology to AI, we will lead to the solution of various social issues.

Human Resource Evaluation

Human resource evaluation assistance in HR (human resources): Measuring brain waves of employees and hiring candidates

Currently, when deciding on a job type, there are many cases where decisions are made based on paper tests and interviews. It's hard to decide which job is best for you.
It is possible to measure brain waves while taking a written test and determine the truly optimal occupation that the person himself is not aware of.


Optimal Individualized Learning Aid: Measuring Students' Brain Waves

In the learning environment, it is difficult to measure the students' reaction and interest level to the contents of the lesson, and they often lose opportunities for growth.
It is possible to provide educational content that closely matches individual characteristics by using AI created based on data obtained from the brain waves of students.


Airport Security Check Assistance: Expert EEG Measurements

Inspection work puts a heavy burden on skilled workers in the field, and there is also the possibility that serious incidents will occur due to variations in skills and a decline in concentration.
By collaborating with an AI created based on data obtained from an expert's brain waves, it is possible to maintain a high level of security while reducing the burden on the site.


Assistance in medical care: measuring the brain waves of specialists

For specific diseases, the number of doctors with specialized medical knowledge and skills is very small, and it is not always possible to receive diagnosis with specialized disease knowledge and skills at an early stage.
AI, which incorporates the knowledge and skills of specialists, assists in initial diagnosis and enables the early and reliable detection of injuries.


Customer Needs Analysis Support: Measurement of Customer's Brain Waves

By looking at the true needs and latent awareness of customers, it is possible to plan new products or improve existing services, and create truly necessary products and services.


Inspection process assistance in the shipping process: Measuring the brain waves of skilled workers

At the manufacturing site, there is a process of visual confirmation by a skilled worker in the inspection process before shipment. Based on the data obtained from the brain waves of experts, it is possible to build AI with the know-how of experts and reduce the work burden on site.


Introducing useful content that explains the topic of Braintech / Brain Science x AI in an easy-to-understand manner.
We hope that it will serve as a hint for realizing the future concept of business using brain waves.

Free Consultation

First of all, please consult with us about the current situation and issues to be solved at the free consultation meeting.
We will work together with you to find the optimal solution to what you can do with Brain-AI, combining our wide-ranging experience in social implementation of AI and our knowledge of brain science.

  1. STEP 01
    First of all, please tell us about the issues you face and the future you want to achieve.
  2. STEP 02
    EEG Measurement
    By actually measuring brain waves and visualizing them on the spot, you can experience the image of utilization.
  3. STEP 03
    Visualize Objectives and Issues
    The content of the discussion on the day will be organized using the online whiteboard MIRO.

Learn with Videos! Brain-AI (brain science x artificial intelligence)

BRAIL, which has supported more than 300 AI social implementations, is now attracting attention.
We will unravel "new innovation caused by the fusion of the brain and AI".

Please See Below for More Information.

Video Overview

  • Introduction (Brain-AI Technology Trends)
  • Practical (examples of Brain-AI applications and specific steps)

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