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With one of Japan's leading semiconductor product portfolios, Macnica,Inc. accompanies our customers, from technical support for the development of these products to proposals for implementation methods that embody manufacturing ideas and introductions of partners for design and mass production. As a company, we provide the best products and support for each customer.

First of all, please tell us what you want to do, what you want to achieve, and the problem you want to solve.

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In today's world where digital transformation is progressing at an accelerated pace, such as the use of the cloud in companies and changes in work styles, we will provide solutions based on the world's latest technology ahead of other companies, and help our customers achieve the world's highest level of IT utilization. We support the realization of

We also provide complete services from product introduction to operation and support, and boast a track record of introductions to many customers such as government agencies, educational institutions, and general companies.

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Smart Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, which supports the Japanese economy, we are entering an era where “smart manufacturing,” which uses digital technology to streamline operations, is becoming essential in order to transform the business itself, not just on the factory floor.

Each company has a different path and goal, so it is very important to draw up a grand design before starting.

At Macnica,Inc., we use our knowledge of both "on-site" and "technology" to help our customers solve all kinds of issues and accompany them to accelerate their management innovation.

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Smart City/Mobility

Macnica,Inc. utilizes the technical know-how cultivated in its existing businesses to support the development of autonomous driving demonstration vehicles, propose hardware and software with technical characteristics, collect data to meet a wide range of needs, build and incorporate AI, and We propose optimal solutions to solve the technical issues faced by vehicle development manufacturers, such as cloud platforms and security, and the management issues faced by MaaS operators.

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Macnica,Inc. 's greatest feature is that it has human resources, technologies, and products that can deal with the issues that many companies face when introducing AI, one by one, and provide a total solution from hypothesis testing, data acquisition, AI implementation, and operation.

By using AI, we provide total support for digital transformation while accompanying customers on management issues of companies and social issues.

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What is important in the digital age is the ability to analyze data and the modern infrastructure that supports the analysis. Macnica,Inc. extracts "As Is" and "To Be" from all kinds of data, including sales data, business data, business processes, location information, voice and emotion, camera images, and security vulnerability data, and implements and builds solutions from requirements definition. Not only that, we support the success of our customers in total, from operation to operation.

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Service Robot

Currently, the declining working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population is perceived with a strong sense of crisis.

Macnica,Inc. 's service robot business develops robots that automatically assist in cleaning and delivery, with the aim of realizing a future in which robots assist people in their work and support their lives. It has been introduced in various fields and is active every day.

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Circular Economy

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have been advocated, and companies are required to address environmental issues such as global warming in order to realize a decarbonized society.

In order to pass on the rich environment of the earth to the next generation, in such a social situation, we will reduce CO2 emissions, reduce CO2 emissions, Contribute to building a decarbonized society.

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In Japan, which is facing a super-aging society, efforts to utilize evolving technology in the healthcare field (medical and nursing care) have begun.

Macnica,Inc., as a global technology trading company, will take advantage of opportunities to come into contact with cutting-edge technology and collaborate with various stakeholders to create a future where anyone can receive high-quality medical, nursing care, and preventive services. We aim to provide healthcare solutions.

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CPS Security

CPS (Cyber Physical System) aims to revitalize industries and solve social problems by collecting data in the real world (physical space), analyzing it and turning it into knowledge in cyber space.

As cyberspace and physical space continue to converge in companies, factories and edge terminals that were previously protected in a closed environment will begin to connect to external networks, requiring further enhancement of security.

Macnica,Inc. aims to deliver peace of mind to our customers' businesses and realize a safe CPS society through solutions such as consulting, factory security, and product security, leveraging the technology and knowledge we have cultivated over the years.

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Cyberattacks are becoming more diverse and sophisticated day by day.

Various abilities are required not only to prevent damage, but also to quickly detect threats that slip through defenses and implement effective countermeasures.

At Macnica,Inc., which has continued to discover outstanding security products from around the world and provide them to the Japanese market, we leverage the technological and information capabilities we have cultivated over the years to deliver even greater peace of mind to our customers' businesses.

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The number of "things" and IoT devices connected to the Internet is showing an explosive increase, and by organically connecting things through the Internet, society, economy, and industry are becoming more efficient, and unknown added value is being created. improvement is being realized. However, the components of IoT are complex, and optimal combinations exist depending on the intended use. Regarding communication, which is one of the components, a wide variety of communication methods and standards such as 5G have recently emerged.

Macnica,Inc. will continue to provide optimal “connection” technology to users who manufacture and use products, leveraging its strengths in the sensor technology knowledge it has cultivated over many years in the semiconductor business and its track record in supporting manufacturing.

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Macnica,Inc. 's DX Consulting provides comprehensive consulting that goes beyond problem setting to consulting reports and specifically solves customer problems, from HW provision such as sensing, system construction, effect verification, and actual operation.

For implementation, we utilize cutting-edge technologies in various fields such as smart factories, smart cities, DX security, and manufacturing consulting, and specialists with specialized knowledge support the success of our customers' DX. Please experience Macnica,Inc. 's unique promotion of transformation and business building support.

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Food Agritech

Technological innovation in food and agriculture is necessary for the stable food supply that is essential to our daily lives.

Not only farmers but also various industries are working together to realize highly productive and sustainable agriculture and food and beverage industries. I have a problem.

Macnica,Inc. considers "creating a sustainable global environment" to be its materiality, and will continue to provide solutions for the realization of a society with a sustainable and stable food supply in the future.

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