The wellspring of Macnica’s strength lies in discovering cutting-edge technologies from around the world, adding technical value as only Macnica can, and then delivering enhanced technologies to customers. Macnica imagines hitherto unseen futures and brings possibilities to fruition in the world of business.
With digital technologies becoming deeply embedded in every corner of our daily lives, industry and society are on the cusp of drastic change. Macnica evolves technologies to aid in the co-creation of new value.

AI Connecting people, technology, and experience

Macnica has extensive expertise and know-how in sensors, processors, and other cutting-edge technologies, which gives us an overwhelming advantage in the promotion of digitization and smart technologies. We provide end-to-end solutions as a partner working with customers, covering the entire flow needed to utilize artificial intelligence, from research to hypothesis formulation and verification, to implementation and operation.


Original technology brand “Mpression”

As user needs diversify and become more demanding in tandem with innovations in digital infrastructure, customers today rely on rapid development and commercialization of new ideas. Macnica responds to customer issues with technical support at every step of the development process. The Mpression business, born from this history of support, is an original Macnica product and service line backed by a deep base of know-how that provides practical support for the development projects our customers pursue.

Security Research Center

Cyberattack experts: The Security Research Center

Cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated every year, but there is a limit to the protection a single security product can offer. In addition to investigating cybersecurity incidents, Macnica provides optimal solutions to threats, drawing on experience from participation in a wide range of security communities and from interactions with security professionals from around the world.

Macnica corporate information

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