Macnica 's origins lie in discovering cutting-edge technology from around the world.
Deliver products with unique technical value to customers.
It is a sure power that envisions the future as yet unseen and brings it to fruition in business.

Nowadays, digital technology is integrated into every corner of our lives, and industry and society are about to undergo major changes.
Macnica will further evolve its technology to co-create new value.

AI connecting people, technology and experience

Macnica has deep insight and know-how into cutting-edge technologies such as sensors and processors. It has an overwhelming advantage in promoting digitalization and smartization. We provide end-to-end solutions as an accompanying partner that handles the entire process from research to hypothesis/verification, implementation, and operation, which is essential for AI utilization.


Original technology brand "Mpression"

We live in an era where needs are becoming more diverse and sophisticated due to the innovation of digital infrastructure, and prompt development and commercialization are required. At Macnica, we have provided technical support to address customer issues at every step of the development process. Mpression, which was born from this, is Macnica original product and service that is a condensation of know-how that practically supports customers' development sites.

Security Research Center

cyber attack expert
"Security Research Center"

There are limits to what a single security product can do in the face of cyber-attacks, which are becoming more and more sophisticated with each passing year. In addition to investigating incidents, Macnica provides optimal solutions to threats through participation in numerous communities and dialogue with professionals around the world.

Macnica Company Information

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