Believing in the Power of Youth and Technology

Founder Haruki Kamiyama (currently Honorary Chairman) launched a new business with just a few colleagues while leading companies swept the industry.
Armed with the power of imagination due to his youth, he is particular about trying every possibility and learning, and has obtained an agency contract with an important client. It was an opportunity that led to the development of the company later, such as the decision of a management policy that made product sales and technology development the two wheels of business.

Images from the 1970s

October 1972

Established Japan Macnics Corporation, Ltd. in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo for the purpose of selling electronic components.

October 1977

Started in-house technical services such as IC testing.

Era and management style (1)

Founded to 1991

Solidarity and Centripetal Force Management Style

In order to support the dawn of the company, we are particular about results. The strategy taken by Kamiyama, who was the president at the time, was to cultivate technology under an overwhelming centripetal force.

Era and management style (1)

Founded to 1991

Solidarity and Centripetal Force Management Style

In order to support the dawn of the company, we are particular about results. The strategy taken by Kamiyama, who was the president at the time, was to cultivate technology under an overwhelming centripetal force.

image of solidarity and centripetal force type management style

In the field of electronic products, which is already progressing rapidly, we needed a axis for all employees to unite in order to get the fledgling company on track. Kamiyama (now Honorary Chairman of Macnica, Inc., Ltd.) established a policy that "the combination of sales and technical capabilities is the key to development," and he himself served as a compass to guide employees. He also believed in the power of youth rather than seniority and experience, and devoted himself to cultivating engineers through enthusiastic training of new recruits. From around the 1980s, we also focused on developing original products such as PROM writers and microcomputer development support systems. Macnica,Inc. today is alive with added value that leverages its planning and development capabilities as well as its technical capabilities in handling cutting-edge products.


State-of-the-Art Technology x High Added Value
Her Personality Becomes Clearer

With the rapid growth of the semiconductor market due to the spread of word processors and personal computers, Macnica,Inc. shifted its business development to semiconductor products and network-related products. While actively exploring the products of US ventures, we also develop and sell original products such as microcomputer development support systems. It was a turning point to lead the industry.

Images from the 1980s

May 1982

Started sales of system products such as microcomputer development support equipment.

Episode 80's

1982 Entered the Ethernet Market

Episode 80's

1982 Entered the Ethernet Market

1982 Entering the Ethernet MarketImage

In 1982, the standardization of Ethernet, which is the basis of the current Internet, brought about a major change in the world. Ethernet was an epoch-making technology that could connect different devices and had very high communication speeds, more than 1,000 times faster than telephone lines at the time. Macnica,Inc. was one of the first to adopt this cutting-edge technology, and in 1983 developed the Ethernet transceiver JET101 series. The know-how cultivated here will lead to the creation of a series of products and services that meet the needs of the early days of Internet use. Those experiences became the driving force for entering the security field to deal with threats from cyberattacks that broke out in the 2000s. In this way, by entering new fields ahead of the rest of the world and accumulating more knowledge and know-how, we established Macnica,Inc. 's style of creating new opportunities.

April 1983

Completed the head office building in Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki.

July 1986

Started in-house data writing service for PLD (Programmable Logic Device: IC that can be freely programmed by the user).


Leading the Market with Original Products

As the technology demanded by the spread of the Internet became more sophisticated, we developed and sold original products such as LAN cards and SCSI cards, which became a big hit.
In addition, the expansion of the products handled and the introduction of technologies, which were ahead of the demand for communication infrastructure and mobile terminals due to the spread of mobile phones, were successful.

Images from the 1990s

March 1990

Constructed a new head office building in Midori-ku, Yokohama, and moved the head office functions from Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki.

March 1991

Established Altima Corporation, Ltd.

March 1992

Company name changed from Japan Macnics Corporation, Macnica, Inc. Co., Ltd.

Era and management style (2)


Centrifugal Management Style

We have made bold decisions quickly by capturing minute changes in the expanding market, and have delegated a large amount of authority in order to win.

Era and management style (2)


Centrifugal Management Style

We have made bold decisions quickly by capturing minute changes in the expanding market, and have delegated a large amount of authority in order to win.

image of centrifugal management style

With the full-fledged spread of the Internet, the need for semiconductors became clearer, and the semiconductor market entered a period of growth, as evidenced by this, and the industry as a whole experienced a boom. However, as overseas competition, including South Korea, began to grow, it was necessary to establish a new business style. Therefore, Macnica,Inc. shifted to a company system and a subsidiary system. By delegating authority to each in-house company, we aim to speed up decision-making and expand our business by steering sensitively to changes in the market.

Episode 90's

Around 1993 Original Products Such as LAN Cards and SCSI Cards Became Big Hits.

Episode 90's

Around 1993 LAN cards, SCSI cards, etc.
The original product was a big hit

Around 1993 Original products such as LAN cards and SCSI cards were big hits.

In the mid-1980s, Macnica,Inc. effectively withdrew from DRAM semiconductor memory, which accounted for nearly half of Macnica,Inc. 's sales. When DRAM was published in the market column of the Nikkei Shimbun, price fluctuations began, and I predicted that this would pose a risk to the company.
As soon as the main pillar was cut off, the company entered the network market with the Ethernet transceiver it had been developing. In 1993, we developed the "PCMCIA LAN card 'ME-1'" and the SCSI card, creating blockbuster products.
A big decision to throw away past values can temporarily stress an organization. However, the act of thoroughly analyzing the environment, thinking out strategies, and making a paradigm shift is a manifestation of the corporate spirit that Macnica,Inc. must not lose in the future. is still practiced in

March 1995

Opened Singapore branch.

December 1995

Established local subsidiary MACNICA, Inc. in California, USA.

October 1996

Opened Hong Kong branch.

January 1998

Opened Macnica,Inc. Shin-Yokohama Building (currently Macnica,Inc. 2nd Building).


Determination to the World After Hardships

With the collapse of the IT bubble, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the global economic slowdown, Macnica,Inc. began exploring new growth areas and taking on the challenge of strengthening its organization.
Expanded semiconductor-related business to automotive and industrial equipment. In the area of networks, we are focusing on the information security field. Furthermore, we decided to aggressively expand overseas, starting with Asia.

Images from the 2000s

February 2000

Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

March 2000

Established MACNICA SINGAPORE PTE. Ltd. and MACNICA HONG KONG, Ltd. by localizing the Singapore and Hong Kong branches.

November 2000

Established MACNICA TAIWAN, Ltd. in Taiwan.

March 2001

Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

March 2002

Constructed Macnica,Inc. Building No. 1 in Shin-Yokohama, and moved the head office functions from Midori-ku, Yokohama.

June 2002

Established MACNICA SHANGHAI, Ltd. in Shanghai.

February 2003

Acquired environmental management system ISO14001 certification (registration number: JQA-EM3000).

March 2004

Established Macnica Networks Corp., Ltd.

December 2004

Tachibana Tectron Co., Ltd., Ltd. (now Elsena Inc. Co., Ltd.) a wholly owned subsidiary through a simple share exchange.

August 2005

Acquired quality management system ISO9001 certification (registration certificate number: JQA-QMA12324).

December 2005

Tachibana Tectron Co., Ltd., Ltd. changed its name to Elsena Inc. Co., Ltd.

April 2006

Established MACNICA KOREA, Ltd. in South Korea.

Era and management style (3)


To the Era of One Macnica

Seeing the difficulties of the recession as an opportunity, we regrouped the strengths of the group, increased profitability, and set out to enter new fields.

Era and management style (3)


To the Era of One Macnica

Seeing the difficulties of the recession as an opportunity, we regrouped the strengths of the group, increased profitability, and set out to enter new fields.

Images to the era of One Macnica

Business conditions deteriorated due to the Lehman shock. Unlike business in a booming economy, it was necessary to pursue efficiency in order to overcome the harsh environment. At that time, it was Nakajima (currently Chairman of the Board Macnica, Inc.) who, after managing two subsidiaries, took over the leadership of the head office. At that time, the in-house company system created a dynamic culture in which the in-house companies competed with each other as good rivals. Therefore, we reformed the system to share the information, technology, and know-how that had been dispersed in each company beyond the boundaries of each company. We gathered the presidents of each company every week to share information about each company and opened the Macnica,Inc. Business School to re-educate them in finance and marketing. As a result, barriers between rivals have been removed, and performance is on the road to recovery by enhancing our comprehensive strengths. These decisions will evolve into the Global One Macnica strategy, which aims for further business expansion by aggressively promoting overseas expansion through management integration and M&A, which will be carried out in the 2010s.

April 2007

Established MACNICA (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

November 2007


Episode 00's

2008 Cytech M&A and the Spirit of “Trust”

Episode 00's

2008 Cytech M&A and the Spirit of “Trust”

2008 Images of Cytech's M&A and the Spirit of "Trust"

In 2008, when the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy began to hit our performance directly, we launched an overseas M&A strategy, starting with Cytech in Hong Kong, China. The main purpose of M&A is to save time and effort. Securing excellent human resources in the local market, accumulating know-how, opening sales offices, and building a customer base. It takes a lot of investment and time to do these things from scratch. However, Macnica,Inc. determined that "speed is essential" in entering the Asian local market, and carried out M&A without hesitation. We continued to expand overseas under difficult market conditions.
There are cases in which company names are changed or restructuring is carried out through M&A, but a mere formality of business integration exposes the difference in organizational culture between the two companies, and carries the risk of emotionally falling out of step. Therefore, Macnica,Inc. proceeded carefully to achieve true integration. The symbolic stance is "attitude that emphasizes trust". We gave priority to treating the employees of the merged company with respect, trusting them and entrusting them with their work, and sharing the idea that "we are a team that runs in the same direction, regardless of the company." Fortunately, Macnica,Inc. 's method of spreading an open and flat culture has facilitated M&A from a medium- to long-term perspective.

June 2008

Established MACNICA GmbH in Germany.

November 2008

Made CYTECH TECHNOLOGY Ltd. in Hong Kong a wholly owned subsidiary.

June 2009

Established CYTECH GLOBAL PTE. Ltd in Singapore.


Challenge to New Service

Due to the 4th Industrial Revolution, digitization has rapidly penetrated industries that had little relevance to IT technology until now, and major changes are about to occur not only in industry but also in people's lives.
Macnica,Inc. connects its accumulated experience and technology with its global human network to develop new business areas such as AI x IoT, service robots, and autonomous driving solutions.

Images from the 2010s

March 2010

Made GALAXY FAR EAST CORPORATION in Taiwan a subsidiary through a takeover bid.

September 2011

Acquired Macnica Americas, Inc. (formerly Octera Solutions, Inc.).

August 2012

Distributed distribution functions and program service functions were relocated and integrated into Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama.

September 2012

Acquired DHW in Brazil.

April 2015

Merged with Fuji Electronics Co., Ltd., Ltd. and established a joint holding company MACNICA FUJI ELECTRONICS HOLDINGS, INC., Ltd.

Episode 10's

Management Integration with Fuji Electronics in 2015

Episode 10's

Management Integration with Fuji Electronics in 2015

Image of management integration with Fuji Electronics in 2015

In 2015, Macnica,Inc. entered into a business integration with Fuji Electronics, which until then had a proven track record in the field of industrial equipment. At first, the two companies were said to be "water and oil" because of their different corporate cultures and constitutions, including areas of business development. However, we bring our strengths together and continue to work together on an equal footing, sharing our efforts and achievements.

The "mF" logo mark is designed to combine the "m" of Macnica,Inc. and the "F" of Fuji Electronics so that they appear to rise to the right, making the most of their respective corporate colors. As this logo shows, we will continue to take on challenges in order to create greater synergy effects and become an even stronger company by respecting and trusting each other.

Episode 10's

2017 Full-Scale AI Business

Episode 10's

2017 Full-Scale AI Business

2017 Image of full-scale AI business

Starting in 2016 with the contract with NVIDIA, which was attracting attention as a platform that enables AI learning and execution, each department within the company has been working on AI business.

In 2017, by combining IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and AI for the manufacturing industry, we began full-scale efforts to make factories smarter and incorporate sensors and AI into industrial equipment. At the same time, we also focused on training in-house data scientists.

In 2018, we also focused on a category called Business AI, which aims to improve white-collar productivity and expand sales using AI. . As a result, we have acquired a community of approximately 40 in-house data scientists within the mF Group and a community of over 20,000 data scientists owned by CrowdANALYTIX, and have enriched our resources to expand our AI business.

In addition to providing services that promote the introduction of AI for companies, we are also promoting new businesses such as autonomous driving, smart infrastructure, and healthcare using AI.

October 2015

Established MACNICA UK Ltd. in England.

January 2016

Acquired iSecurity in Taiwan.

June 2016

Acquired ATD Electronique (France) as an affiliated company.

July 2017

Absorbed Altima Corporation Kogent Inc. Co., Ltd.

August 2017

Made Netpoleon in Singapore a subsidiary.

October 2018

Merged with Elsena Inc., Ltd.

October 2018

Made Save Medical Co., Ltd. an affiliated company.

January 2019

Acquired Indian AI platform company CrowdANALYTIX as an affiliated company.

August 2019

Acquired ANSWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in Taiwan.


February 2020

S&J Corporation, Ltd. a subsidiary.

October 2021

Macnica Networks Corp.

February 2022

Made Nicemets Co., Ltd. an affiliated company.

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