Ahead of the Challenge
to Open the Door to the Future.

Macnica 's core values ``TEAMS'' are a collection of values that Macnica group employees return to when they are uncertain about decisions or actions on a daily basis. By uniting all employees based on our core values, we achieve high-quality teamwork and create energy and momentum to carve out the future.

In a Relationship of Trust


Even young employees are entrusted with more and more work.
If you decide to entrust a task to someone, you will also be given the authority to independently plan, execute, and make decisions.
Experience and age are important, but at Macnica we value trust. When employees are trusted and entrusted with work, they autonomously discover problems, think deeply, make decisions, and use their own strength to carve out a path to achievement, and this cycle promotes the growth of employees.
Once the boss has entrusted the work to the employee, he or she will believe that the employee can do the job and will do his or her best to support the employee.

Bright and cheerful
communication and
a positive mind
create an ideal working environment


Have a positive mindset and view a crisis as an opportunity for growth and to tackle it positively.
Actively express your opinion regardless of rank or position.
At Macnica, we value open communication.
It all starts with a greeting.
The exchange of greetings breathes cheerful energy into the workplace.

high aspirations and passion.
never give up till the end
have passion


No matter what difficulties arise, we will not give up on the goals and plans we have set until the very end.
Thoroughly analyze the problem and think through success scenarios.
The environment is ever-changing, and things don't go as planned.
However, we will achieve our goals by having high aspirations and acting with tenacity.

Anticipating the changing times,
continue to transform themselves


Unbound by preconceived notions and preconceptions, he sometimes boldly creates waves of change.
Never satisfied with the status quo, repeat scrap and build.
At the root of our company is a venture spirit full of dynamism and speed that has been alive since our founding.
Act flexibly and quickly.

always set high goals
To challenge


Have a sense of challenge and try first.
If you succeed, you will gain confidence, and if you fail, you will gain valuable experience.
The cycle of taking on difficult tasks and achieving them maximizes our employees' abilities and leads to growth.
Of course, failure is inevitable with challenges.
We take on challenges without fear of failure.
Failure becomes wisdom, and it is an important source of growth to become an excellent professional.

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