Opening the door to the future beyond challenges

Macnica’s core values, abbreviated as TEAMS, are values Macnica Group employees can reflect on a daily basis in making the best judgments or examining their actions. By ensuring that all employees move in the same direction based on these core values, we aim to achieve a high level of teamwork and generate energy and momentum for creating new possibilities.

Empowerment backed by trust


We trust all employees with challenging work. Work is entrusted to an employee with the authority to plan, execute, and make independent decisions. Experience and age are important, but Macnica emphasizes trust. If workers are trusted and assigned with important tasks, they discover problems in a self-directed way, think deeply, make judgments, and open pathways to achievement with their own power. This cycle encourages employees to grow. When superiors entrust work, they demonstrate confidence in the competence of employees and focus on support.

Communication and positive thinking create an ideal working environment with positive attitude, excitement, and energy


Having a positive mind-set that treats every difficulty as an opportunity and chance for growth. We encourage employees to actively express opinions regardless of their position or rank. At Macnica, we emphasize open communication. It all starts with greetings; through exchange of upbeat greetings among employees we create a workplace full of positive energy.

High aspirations and aggressive thinking: Passion to persevere until goals are achieved


Pursue goals and plans until they are successfully completed, no matter what difficulties arise. We encourage employees to analyze problems thoroughly and think through various scenarios that result in success. The environment changes from minute to minute and things may not progress as expected, but we achieve goals by acting on high aspirations and with persistence.

Anticipate changing times and pursue self-transformation


Encourage employees to boldly generate waves of changes without being bounded by preconceived notions or established concepts. Never satisfied with the status quo, we repeatedly scrap the old and build the new. What flows at our foundations is an entrepreneurial spirit, full of dynamism and a sense of urgency from the outset. We take actions on our own, flexibly and speedily.

Always set and challenge high goals


Accept challenges, try first. If you succeed you gain confidence. If you fail, you gain valuable experience. The cycle of taking on challenges presented by difficult tasks and achieving success develops the capabilities of employees to their fullest and promotes growth. Challenges and failure go hand in hand, but we accept challenges without fear of failure. Failure becomes wisdom and an important wellspring of growth that helps employees develop.

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