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Evolving Business for a New Era

Image of Kazumasa Hara, President
President Kazumasa Hara

The evolution of digital technology not only satisfies existing needs to a higher degree, but also serves as a source of ideas that give birth to completely new needs and changes the business models of companies. New markets will be born, and as a result, lifestyles and society will change dramatically.

For example, in the automotive industry, on the eve of the realization of automated driving using IoT and AI, the measurement and analysis of vehicle data using high-speed and stable cloud services and the provision of sharing services using smartphone applications are becoming a reality. Efforts using digital technology are flourishing.

Against this backdrop, the business model of all industries has recently changed from "manufacturing and selling" to "providing as a service." Due to changes in consumer purchasing activities, industries that were previously unrelated to IT will now be digitally connected. We are going through an era of unprecedented change.

What can Macnica do to help connect companies with the development of society?
The key is to be exposed to innovative digital technology as early as possible and become familiar with it. Connecting and speedily providing the necessary technology to meet customer needs. Our mission is to accompany our customers as ``guides'' on their way to transformation through the use of digital technology.

Since its founding, Macnica has added unique value to the latest technologies and products from around the world, supporting manufacturing both domestically and internationally. We created the new concept of being Japan's first ``technology trading company,'' and have grown as a ``demand creation company'' that can discover latent customer demand and make proposals.

The important foundation for Macnica 's growth and provision of value to customers lies in its unique corporate culture and the passion of its employees, in addition to its high technical proposal capabilities. Macnica encourages bold challenges that are not bound by the past, and has an open and flat venture spirit in which each person plays a leading role in steering the business. It is precisely because we are in a period of change that our venture spirit comes into play.

Digital technology will change the customer experience itself. A scenario in which highly convenient technologies such as data business and AI will create services that provide a UX (user experience) that overturns common sense and enrich society is becoming a reality. Macnica will also go beyond the framework of products and networks such as electronic products and network equipment that it has provided so far, and will expand its scope to include the end users to whom services are ultimately provided. We will also put even more effort into proposing ``things'' (services) that are premised on solving problems and creating ideal service models for expanding our customers' businesses and strengthening their brands. Masu.

Innovation in digital technology also has the potential to solve social issues. Our goal is to become Service & Solution Company that connects people, technology, and experience to provide services and solve the challenges of sustainable growth for the planet. That is the future image that Macnica envisions.

By believing in the possibilities of the future, continuing to take on challenges, and accompanying our customers as road guides, Macnica will carve out a new future together with our customers.

Image of Kazumasa Hara, President
President Kazumasa Hara

Vice President Message

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Approach.

Images of Co-CEO Akinobu Miyoshi
Co-CEO Akinobu Miyoshi

Macnica is currently undertaking a number of initiatives to transform its business to adapt to changes in the environment.

Expansion of Business Portfolio

In addition to the distribution area centered on semiconductors and networks, we have expanded our business portfolio to respond to rapidly increasing needs such as AI, IoT, automated driving solutions, and industrial robots. We are building a foundation that connects diverse technologies, responds quickly to pressing issues, and provides added value to the service itself.

Proposing Solutions with an Emphasis on End-User Experience

For example, in a project to build a trading system that requires high reliability and high speed, such as a stock exchange, it has been common practice to select the semiconductors necessary for high-quality servers and deliver them to the server manufacturing company. It was the role of a trading company. However, in recent years, it has become essential to work together with customers to consider the services they want to achieve and the problems they face, and to jointly develop software with high added value. Therefore, we are currently focusing on business at a level closer to the end user.

To achieve a good user experience, touch close to the end user and stand at the user's perspective. Macnica is currently strengthening its ``solution services'' by assembling a business based on ``what is the problem?'' and ``what should be done to solve the problem.'' From the perspective of project management, rather than just things, we connect technology and intelligence to generate new ideas and promote business development that focuses on solving customer issues and the happiness of end users.

Further Strengthening of Global Strategy

We will accelerate our overseas business by focusing even more on expanding our base through M&A.

Even though we are overseas, each region has a different society and surrounding culture, so the needs for technology differ. For example, in Asian countries that have continued to experience high economic growth, demand for semiconductors themselves is relatively large, while in Europe and the United States, with the spread of 4K and 8K video quality, vertically integrated technologies that enable advanced image processing are becoming more popular. Suggestions are requested. Macnica will solidify its position by carrying out marketing activities tailored to the characteristics of each region and promoting business that provides high satisfaction immediately after entering the market.

In terms of technology development, we are proactively leveraging global power not only in our sales network but also in research and development, such as by establishing numerous development bases around the world and leading to an increase in the number of engineers dispatched from Japan. We will incorporate it into.

In addition to these, we are simultaneously promoting a number of strategic measures, but in order to focus on solving the problems of companies aspiring to digital transformation, we are placing more emphasis on a marketing perspective and leveraging the value that Macnica has cultivated. The fundamentals are common.
Please look forward to Macnica continued efforts to provide even more unique value by expanding its business domain to solutions and services in addition to distribution.

Images of Co-CEO Akinobu Miyoshi
Co-CEO Akinobu Miyoshi

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