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There is "Quality That Supports the Customer's Business"

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Semiconductors and other electronic components are used in all kinds of electronic products in the world, and there are a huge number of types. Since products of the same type have different functions and performance, shipping errors can have a major impact not only on the production site, but also on the operation of the final product. Therefore, the logistics of semiconductor products can be said to be the key to supporting the business of our customers.

Therefore, in addition to pursuing scale and productivity, Macnica,Inc. is striving every day to create a system that enhances security and reliability, taking into consideration the uniqueness of electronic components.

High Quality & Efficient Logistics

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Yokohama Shinkoyasu. The logistics center, which has good access to the expressway and is ideally located as a distribution base, has a space of more than 6,000 tsubo and manages more than 500,000 boxes of inventory at any given time. In addition, we have Asia's largest writing center capable of producing more than 2 million PLDs (*1) per month, as well as a class 9 (*2) clean room.

1 PLD: Programmable Logic Device. An IC that can be freely programmed by the user.

2 Class 9: A grade representing the cleanliness of clean rooms stipulated by ISO14644-1.

Macnica,Inc. built its own WMS (warehouse management system) based on the know-how of a semiconductor trading company. In addition to receiving/shipping management, inventory management, and inventory management that are normally provided by WMS, we accurately manage manufacturing lot information that varies depending on product characteristics and applications, and strengthen traceability. We also provide individual support for attaching identification labels to be used at delivery destinations such as production plants to meet the detailed needs of our customers. In terms of improving efficiency, we outsource some of our operations to 3PL partner companies that have strengths in logistics itself, and pursue productivity improvements and cost reductions.

Through these efforts, the shipping error rate has been reduced to 0.0015%, and we maintain industry-leading quality. In addition, we deliver "peace of mind" and "reliability" to our customers through the use of facilities equipped with vibration damping devices in preparation for earthquakes and 20 ESD coordinators who are specialists in the risk of static electricity damage.

Operational Capabilities Enhanced by Teamwork

Coordinators who support operations manage more than 1,000 orders backlog per person in an environment where the order situation changes every moment. Mainly, we are responding to timely delivery to customers and adjusting supply and demand to suppliers. To achieve this, we need to accumulate knowledge and quickly share information so that we can quickly respond to every case.
By constantly maintaining and updating manuals for each customer, we are working to strengthen the overall strength of the team while eliminating individual dependence. In addition, in preparation for the risk of a decline in service levels due to a shortage of operating personnel, we have set the goal of optimizing the work-life balance and have introduced telework ahead of the industry so that even women who are raising children can work.

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In addition, coordinators with a wealth of business experience are involved in RPA development based on their own know-how, realizing the automation of many simple tasks. Productivity improved by RPA promotes work style reform, and the time saved is used to strengthen customer service and add further value.

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Semiconductor Product Quality

Commitment to Quality

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Semiconductors are used in every product around us. They range from the size of a grain of rice to the size of a child's palm. Various items such as shape, electrical, mechanical, and functional are stipulated in detail.

In order to ensure that customers can use these semiconductor products with peace of mind, Macnica,Inc. not only ensures a stable supply of products through logistics, but also provides the documents required by customers in terms of quality, reliability, laws and regulations, etc. creation, change management, and notification.

Support Quality, Underpin Value

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Delivery Specification

We understand the needs and issues from the stage when customers consider adopting semiconductor products, and stipulate the performance, characteristics, reliability, range of usage conditions, etc. of semiconductor products to be used before mass production of final products. We exchange delivery specifications. Depending on the product, there may be hundreds of pages, but this clarifies the common understanding of semiconductor product performance, quality, standardization, and safety.

PCN (notification of manufacturing process, material change, etc.)

As a continuous support after the start of mass production, if PCN is received, we check the impact on quality and reliability, notify the customer and obtain approval, so that we can make a prompt switchover. By coordinating with the logistics department, we reliably control the distribution of products before and after changes.

Trouble Shooting

In the unlikely event that a malfunction occurs, Macnica,Inc. 's engineers (CQE/FAE) with specialized knowledge will quickly confirm the phenomenon or take measures such as performing an initial analysis to investigate the cause. 。

Responding to Environmental Surveys

In recent years, with the aim of reducing the burden on ecosystems and the global environment, laws and regulations on chemical substances used in each country and product have been strengthened. We confirm whether our products are in conflict with laws and regulations, and provide the information to our customers as appropriate.

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