Initiatives for service robots

"By using service robots, people can work more comfortably and enjoyably. I want to contribute to such a world."

We believe that in the near future, service robots will support our lives as we enter a super-aging society. In the society we are entering in the future, the proportion of the elderly will increase, and the proportion of the working generation, who are of the producer age, will decrease. Labor shortages have already become a major issue in many industries, and this problem is expected to become even more serious in the future.

Along with AI and IoT, robots are expected to be the technology that will support this future society.
We envision a future in which robots assist people in their work, and robots support people's lives.
Rather than having robots take over human jobs, having robots support us will enable us to do jobs that could not be done by humans alone. Tasks that were previously difficult for humans to perform repeatedly can now be performed more easily. You can now safely perform tasks that used to be dangerous. People can spend more time on more human-oriented services that only humans can do. I expect that such a society will be realized.

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