Manufacturing process innovation starting with digitization

Digitizing the manufacturing process will help you visualize the results, such as improving processes that tend to be bottlenecks, reducing costs by improving the productivity of the entire factory, and maintaining the stability of product quality. be connected.

Image of initiatives for each process/issue

Manufacturing process reforms for DX of manufacturing as a whole

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What is digitalization that leads to the next step that does not end with individual correspondence?

Digitizing manufacturing processes

  • Improvement of processes that tend to become bottlenecks
  • Reduce costs by improving productivity throughout the factory
  • Maintaining product quality safety


Approach to digitization that will change the future

Improving production efficiency with digital twins

Illustration of operating a factory in virtual space

Simulation that changes jobs
Reproduce the factory in a virtual space, compare the current and future sites, verify the movement of people and their efficiency, predict and manage intermediate inventory

Realizing data-driven manufacturing

Illustration of operating a factory in virtual space

Experience MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
Build infrastructure that serves as the “foundation for Digital Manufacturing” such as business reform/improvement and automation (MES)

Equipment maintenance shifts from “prevention” to “prediction”

Checking equipment status data

Predict equipment failure from sensing data
Abnormality detection/predictive maintenance (CBM) that enables everything from equipment maintenance to productivity improvement

From personalization to automation of appearance inspection process

Inspecting products after processing

Passing craftsmanship to the next generation with AI
Achieving Visual inspection automation with "operable AI" created with a group of experts

Casting slag removal from personalization to automation

Removing casting slag

Aiming to create a comfortable working environment
Ensuring worker safety by determining casting slag with AI and automating removal work

Learning from videos, reforms by issue

\Individual tasks to learn quickly with videos/

Introducing the points of efforts for each process and issue!