Sensing data analysis package for manufacturing industry

Ideal for condition monitoring, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance of important equipment using sensors

  • Packaged everything from sensors required for data acquisition to software
  • By using this package, users can perform sensing and initial data analysis.

System configuration

General project milestones for constructing predictive maintenance and anomaly detection systems

Using this package, users can implement Phase 1.

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Package contents

① Sensor data collection unit


■ All-in-one necessary functions (sensor power supply / sensor amplifier / data logger / computing / communication interface)

■ Width 150mm x Depth 85mm x Height 100mm Neatly stored in the control panel

■ Realizes data extraction with various capture modes/trigger functions

■ 3 interface cards can be freely combined (up to 8ch input possible)


Interface card specifications

General purpose voltage current sensor

■ Number of channels: 2ch
■ Input/output terminal: Terminal block for AW16 to 26 wires
■ Connectable sensor: Current/voltage output type

high speed vibration sensor

■ Number of channels: 2ch
■ Input/output terminal: 50BNC-J
■ Connectable sensor: Amplifier built-in type

Temperature sensor

■ Number of channels: 2ch
■ Input/output terminal: Single
■ Connectable sensors: J/K thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors

② Data analysis software Sigma


■ Management of time-series data obtained in cooperation with SENSPIDER / waveform display / signal processing / trend display, etc.

■ General text format measurement data collected by devices other than SENSPIDER can also be imported

■ Supports data analysis using the MT method using the AI module function (when the AI module option is selected)


Waveform display




③ Various sensors

vibration sensor

Acceleration pickup manufactured by PCB

alternating current sensor

CTL-10-CLS manufactured by U_RD


Watanabe Electric Industry TMG-2KST-1000

Vibration data acquisition demo video

Please watch the demo video of acquiring and analyzing vibration data using SENSPIDER.

In this way, if we can acquire vibration data with sensors and determine abnormalities numerically using the MT method, we will be able to notify the maintenance timing of production equipment with an alert.

package price

Product name

model number

sensor data collection unit


data analysis software

Sigma AI module (only when option is selected)


Accelerometer: PCB Piezotronics M607A11/005AC
AC current sensor: U_RD CTL-10-CLS
Thermocouple K: Watanabe Electric Industry TMG-2KST-1000

Sensing data analysis package

¥980,000 (excluding tax)

Sensing data analysis package + AI module option

¥1,180,000 (excluding tax)


*Consultation and installation for data acquisition/analysis are not included in the package.

* Sigma is the software that analyzes the acquired data. It cannot be used for long-term continuous operation when incorporated into a system.


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