Case study of Sompo Risk Management Inc.


■Corporate Information: Sompo Risk Management Inc.
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As a group of risk professionals, Sompo Risk Management develops natural disaster solutions using data science, formulates business continuity plans (BCPs) that anticipate a wide variety of risks, and provides cyber security that incorporates unique ecosystems and world-class technologies. We provide a variety of consulting services, such as support for various risk management systems, and support for building a wide range of risk management systems, and develop services that contribute to the sophistication of corporate risk management.




  • Engaged in research and development and consulting services related to risk management

  • Proposing measures that lead to safety and disaster mitigation

  • Developing a forklift operation diagnostic service to avoid risks at logistics sites


  • It takes time to visually check drive recorder images in forklift operation data analysis.

  • The point changes depending on the person who does the confirmation work


  • Understanding of issues and knowledge of the logistics industry

  • Presentation of UI (operation screen during operation) that can be imagined at the prototype stage

  • Creation of high-precision AI models using limited data


  • Implemented in less than 3 months

  • Accumulated drive recorder information is analyzed by AI, dangerous driving during transportation is automatically extracted with high accuracy, and man-hours are reduced.

from now on

  • Enabling automatic return of analysis results from data accumulation on the cloud

  • Various data that can be obtained from surveillance cameras, etc., can be used to propose risk improvements to eliminate accidents

  • Expectations for the deployment of AI in other operations and predictive detection by "SENSPIDER"


Sompo Risk Management Inc. Risk Management Business Headquarters (front row from right)

Mr. Takeshi Ichikawa, General Manager of Risk Research Department
Executive Officer Toshiaki Kurose
Mr. Yoshinori Shibata, Group Leader, Logistics and Spot Assistance Group, Risk Research Department
Mr. Akihisa Hikawa, Chief Consultant, Logistics and Spot Assistance Group, Risk Research Department

Macnica (from left) Yoshitaka Haga, Takahiro Kusunoki, Hirofumi Saruki, MaryGraceMalana


Data utilization as well as risk investigation is the mission of the entire group

Based on Yasuda Risk Engineering Co., Ltd., which was established in 1997, we currently aim to be a “solution service provider for security, health, and wellbeing” and provide services such as consulting, research, and seminars related to corporate risk management. Sompo Risk Management Co., Ltd.
We are developing an analytics business that conducts risk assessments related to natural disasters, a risk management business that conducts research and development and consulting services related to risk management, and a cyber security business that conducts vulnerability diagnosis and cyber risk assessment.

In the Risk Management Business Division, which provides consulting related to such risk management, we investigate and analyze the degree of risk in the insurance underwritten by insurance companies from customers, and take measures that lead to safety and disaster mitigation from a third-party perspective. The Risk Research Department conducts field engineering that proposes

- Mr. Kurose
In addition to conducting risk assessments to identify issues at customer sites, we also provide consulting services from a management perspective. Especially recently, there has been an increase in consulting related to sustainability areas such as carbon neutrality and ESG. We are also actively working to develop businesses that utilize digital platforms, such as predictive maintenance that utilizes IoT and AI technologies, which are highly compatible with insurance products.

In particular, he explains that the business that utilizes data is an area that the entire group is focusing on as a mission.

ー Mr. Ichikawa
The Risk Research Department is divided into five groups, one of which is the Logistics/Spot Assistance Group. We are working on visualizing and using it for consulting. In addition, we are also working to quickly collect information on the extent of damage in the event of a wide-area disaster using drones.


Visually confirming images is a heavy work burden, and an approach to improve efficiency is necessary.

The Sompo Group has been providing insurance to logistics companies for some time, covering risks such as injury to site workers and damage to cargo handled.

ー Mr. Shibata
As a logistics company, we can provide high-quality services to shippers by preventing damage to cargo caused by accidents that occur at warehouses and other sites. This is one of the services that is attracting attention from logistics companies who are our customers.

One such service for the logistics industry is a consulting service called forklift operation diagnosis. In this service, drive recorders are installed on forklifts, and video information of forklift claws (forks) is accumulated in an SD card along with data such as steering wheel movement, acceleration, and braking. I am proposing improvements. One-third of the work time was spent checking images visually, which was one of the issues.

- Mr. Hikawa
Not only does it take time to check, but there is also the possibility that the points will change if the person who sees it is different. Considering the current situation of business expansion, we thought that a new approach was necessary to improve operational efficiency.

and look back on those days.

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