macniCAR running on public roads in Yokkaichi City

At Macnica, at the event "3 Days Thinking about Next-Generation Mobility" held in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture from March 19th to March 21st, 2021, autonomous driving on Chuo-dori Street between JR Yokkaichi Station and Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station. We conducted a demonstration experiment.

Thank you very much to all the customers who came to this event and took a test ride, and to the people involved in this event for their valuable opinions and support.

In this column, we will report on this event in detail.

Background of the demonstration experiment

Yokkaichi City has set up a comprehensive plan for the period from 2020 to 2029, and the basic policy for each field is "creation of new networks through the construction of next-generation mobility systems." Among them, we are working on the realization of means of transportation that incorporates new technologies, such as between Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station and JR Yokkaichi Station.

Macnica has a relationship with Fixer, a cloud service vendor with an office in Yokkaichi City, and was introduced to Yokkaichi City's comprehensive plan and mobility initiatives. This gave me an opportunity to learn about the event. I decided to participate in one of the programs, a demonstration experiment of autonomous driving on public roads, thinking that our technology could be of some use.

Event overview

Event overview

autonomous driving driving route

Mobility driving map

Details of the demonstration experiment

In this autonomous driving demonstration experiment, we used our Lexus-based vehicle “macniCAR” and realized it with the open source autonomous driving software “Autoware”. The route runs between JR Yokkaichi Station and Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station (approximately 1.2km), and the urban planning of Yokkaichi City is expected to improve the mobility of people in this section through new mobility. It has been.

In order to ensure safety, in this demonstration experiment, a safety driver from a local transportation company and our technical staff boarded. As a result, the number of test-drives for autonomous driving was limited to two people each time, but about 50 people, mainly residents of Mie Prefecture and local transportation operators, took the test rides.

Prior to this event, with the cooperation of Sompo Japan, which provides "Level IV Discovery ( Safe and secure autonomous driving service demonstration" A risk assessment was carried out according to the environment and conditions of the driving route. In addition, during the preparation period, we made preparations while collaborating with related parties in order to safely implement the demonstration experiment, such as reporting to the competent police and residents' association.

Event officials who decide the pose

Everyone involved in the demonstration experiment

macniCAR autonomous driving car

autonomous driving vehicle "macniCAR"

Demonstration experiment results

In the demonstration tests, we received many positive comments from most of the people who took the test rides, such as "I was able to ride with confidence" and "The running speed was appropriate." On the other hand, there were also comments such as ``The impression of driving at a yellow light is different from that of a human driving.'' I was reminded that it is necessary to make adjustments so that users do not feel discomfort in accordance with the route they will actually travel in the future.

Since the test was conducted on a public road, there were several opportunities for the safety driver to intervene, such as judging when there was a parked car on the shoulder or changing lanes when there was a car driving alongside. autonomous driving accounted for more than 90% of the total, and we believe we were able to achieve a certain level of success. Furthermore, from a technical standpoint, it became clear that there is room for adjustment by combining the autonomous driving system, and we will continue to make adjustments and improvements for future experiments to be conducted in other locations.

We will utilize the knowledge cultivated through this activity for the development of the automobile industry and transportation infrastructure.

Questionnaire results on the comfort of autonomous driving driving

Questionnaire results on "ride comfort"

Questionnaire results on autonomous driving operation

Questionnaire results on "operation"


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