Intelligent use of green energy to improve and optimize energy efficiency

In order for regions and companies to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving decarbonized society, it is necessary to "use green energy wisely." In order to realize this, it is important to consider how to assemble and realize the three methods of "generating and using by yourself", "generating and sharing with everyone", and "purchasing and using from outside". increase.

Macnica provides design, construction, and operational support in accordance with customer requirements to create a "Green × DX = GX (Green Transformation)" system that realizes customer requests. Specifically, we will realize "visualization of energy" for both power generation and power consumption, and propose the optimal use of each resource (power generation equipment, storage batteries, energy saving equipment, energy usage equipment, etc.). Achieve better operations.

Macnica 's "Energy Management" proposes solutions such as services that incorporate GX technology and promote optimization in a decarbonized society, and EMS that improves energy efficiency.

Energy management solution

Energy management system Kisense®

Integrated management, prediction, and control of energy in facilities

The energy management system "Kisense" realizes real-time data visualization and early detection of equipment abnormalities by installing sensors that match various energy data such as electricity, gas, and water according to each environment. In addition, unique analysis is possible by combining indoor and outdoor temperature, motion sensor, and core system data.

So far, we have installed more than 500 facilities such as production facilities, banks, hotels, airports, commercial facilities, etc., and we have many functions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Next-generation smart office solution

Smart office and operational improvement

The Next-Generation Smart Office Solution installs various sensors in the facility and acquires and analyzes data in a way that does not identify individuals. By monitoring the usage status of facilities and planning efficient facility layouts and power usage schedules, we can improve office operations, reduce electricity costs for the entire facility, and create a comfortable work environment. It is characterized by being able to provide from small to large scale according to the customer's scale and budget, starting with a small start such as one floor, and expanding to one building or multiple locations as necessary. .

■ Collective management of various office-related data
■ Formulation of plans based on environmental analysis and control of equipment
■ Management and optimization of power consumption

Data visualization solution

Visualization and analysis of facility power consumption and CO2 emissions

The Data Visualization Solution collects data obtained from various sensors installed in facilities and power consumption data obtained from smart meters into the cloud, visualizes and analyzes the data, and visualizes and analyzes the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the facility. By grasping the amount, reviewing facility operation rules, setting specific reduction targets, and controlling facility equipment, we will realize decarbonization of the facility, such as improving the operationof the entire facility and reducing electricity costs. After installation, with minimal development and configuration, we can analyze the environment, control equipment, and optimize the energy management of the entire facility.

■ No cord connection
■ Environmental analysis and equipment control

Circular energy storage system soldam

Low cost, highly safe, and resource-recycling
An environmentally friendly system

The circular energy storage system soldam is a low-cost, highly safe home lead-acid battery system that uses 100% recyclable lead batteries.

This lead-acid battery system is installed between the solar panels and the power conditioner, and acts like a dam, blocking the electricity generated by the solar power generation system during the day and releasing it at night, allowing the electricity to be used without waste. Lead-acid batteries that have reached the end of their life can be reused and recycled as storage batteries that use recycled lead, allowing for resource circulation.

By utilizing lead-acid batteries, which have a low environmental impact, and by popularizing renewable energy, we aim to accelerate the realization of a decarbonized society by increasing the rate of self-generation and self-consumption.

Demonstration projects and research projects for a decarbonized society

Osanbashi Perovskite Social Implementation Demonstration Project

Perovskite solar cells will be widely implemented in society as "batteries anywhere"

Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are a futuristic technology from Japan invented by Professor Tsutomu Miyasaka of Toin University of Yokohama that offers an alternative to conventional solar panels.

Having been selected by the Ministry of the Environment for the "Regional Co-creation, Cross-sector Carbon Neutral Technology Development and Demonstration Project," Macnica began a technology development and demonstration project in fiscal year 2023 with the aim of implementing perovskite solar cells in society.

The demonstration project, "Technology development (contracted) for the use of PSCs in harsh environments such as ports," will be carried out by Peccell Technologies, Inc., Reiko Inc., and Macnica under the guidance of Professor Tsutomu Miyasaka of Toin University of Yokohama, the inventor of perovskite solar cells.

Energy saving diagnosis and survey work


If you have any questions regarding energy efficiency improvement/optimization or research projects, please feel free to contact us.