Macnica 's radiant heating and cooling system "CeeM"

The radiant air conditioning system "THEAR" has a new movable unit for gymnasiums and arenas.

Released under Macnica brand "CeeM"!

Do you have any of these problems?

  • I want to update my air conditioning equipment, but is there anything that can reduce power consumption and costs compared to now?
  • I am looking for air conditioning equipment that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient with low CO2 emissions.
  • Your current air conditioner consumes more power due to aging.
  • I'm looking for an air conditioner that doesn't blow wind as a countermeasure against infectious diseases in places with many people
  • Is there efficient air conditioning in large spaces to prevent heat stroke in gymnasiums and arenas?

What is a radiant cooling and heating system?

The radiant cooling and heating system "CeeM"*1 is a highly efficient cooling and heating system that utilizes radiant heat.

By utilizing heat transfer by radiation, we can create an energy-saving and comfortable space that is "quiet", "silent", and "even in temperature".

Because it is friendly to the human body and the environment and has excellent design, it can be used in various spaces such as gymnasiums, nursing homes, and offices.


*1 CeeM (Clean・Environment・Ecology・Meister): We have released the radiant heating and cooling system “THEAR”, which we have been handling for some time, as Macnica brand radiant heating and cooling system “CeeM”.

For medical facilities, large sports facilities, factories, etc.

For classrooms, sound rooms, libraries, etc.

Features of the radiant cooling and heating system

The radiant cooling/heating system CeeM heats and cools the panel by circulating cold and hot water (antifreeze) inside the panel, exchanging heat with objects.
It is characterized by "completely no wind", "no noise", and "no unevenness in temperature", and the above system creates a comfortable space for the human body.

POINT 1: Do not agitate the air with no wind

・Controlling the spread of virus infection by agitating the air in places where people gather, such as community spaces

・Measures against allergies caused by house dust, etc.

・Suitable for sports such as badminton, table tennis, and rhythmic gymnastics that are easily affected by wind.

・Effective in suppressing discomfort caused by cold and hot air, dryness, and cooling problems caused by wind (draft)

・Reduces the deterioration of books and precision instruments due to the influence of wind.

POINT 2: Silent and does not generate vibration or noise

・Ideal for spaces such as recording studios, concert halls, and libraries to eliminate vibration and noise generated by air conditioning

・ Prevents sleep disturbance due to air conditioning noise, and provides high-quality sleep

・Because the outdoor unit also has a lower operating load than conventional air conditioning, noise can be suppressed.

POINT 3: Keep temperature even in various spaces

Since heat is transferred by radiation, it eliminates temperature unevenness in the vertical direction and creates a comfortable space.
From small spaces such as hotels and offices to large spaces such as gymnasiums and arenas.

Since the heat is directly transferred to objects such as people and walls, the space at the height of the panel is warmed, and the warm air rises due to natural convection to heat the space evenly. In the case of convection-type air conditioning equipment, warm air is applied to people to transfer heat, so the feet where it is difficult for the air to reach may get cold. In the case of the radiant type, warm heat reaches the whole body directly, so your feet will be warm.

Since the cooled panel directly absorbs the heat of objects such as people and walls, the space at the height of the panel can be cooled evenly. Because it heats and cools locally, there is no energy loss even in large spaces such as gymnasiums. As the panels absorb the heat from your body, you will feel as if the temperature inside the room has dropped by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, making you feel as if you have entered a tunnel or a limestone cave.

System configuration

A radiant cooling and heating system is a cooling and heating system that utilizes the principle of radiant (radiant) energy transfer.
Radiation is energy transfer between two objects caused by electromagnetic waves including infrared rays and visible light, and heat transfer occurs even in a vacuum where there is no medium to conduct heat between two objects.

Mechanism of heat transfer by radiation
System configuration of radiant cooling and heating


The system configuration is a simple one that connects the radiant panel and the chilled/hot water heat pump unit with chilled/hot water pipes (refrigerant pipes) and circulates chilled/hot water (antifreeze).
Heat from the air is used by the chilled/hot water heat pump unit to heat or cool the chilled/hot water (antifreeze liquid) circulating inside the radiation panel, thereby directly exchanging heat with the human body/object. Since the indoor radiation panel is heated and cooled by cold/hot water (antifreeze), there is no power supply on the panel side.

5 benefits of introducing CeeM

01 Energy saving and environmentally friendly by utilizing radiant heat

Since radiant heat directly affects things and people, it is highly energy efficient, and can reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption by approximately 10% to 50% compared to convection air conditioning equipment (air conditioners, fan heaters, etc.). Is possible.

Since the radiant air conditioning system uses a cold/hot water heat pump unit, it has the advantage of suppressing peak energy consumption (demand) due to operation compared to general air conditioning. Since the radiant panel is non-powered, the transportation energy is greatly reduced, contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2emissions of transportation equipment.

In addition, while convection air conditioning systems circulate refrigerant gas, radiant air conditioning systems circulate cold and hot water (antifreeze liquid). The 100% aluminum panel is recyclableand does not require filters, making it an environmentally friendly air conditioning system.


For example, when using a convection air conditioning system in a gymnasium or arena, it consumes a large amount of energy to adjust the temperature of a large space. However, the radiant cooling and heating system locally cools and heats the space at the panel height, so it is possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and cut costs.

02 Safe and secure for children and the elderly

We have cleared the strict safety standards of various building standards and product hazardous substance standards (RoHS) in countries around the world.

Due to low-temperature radiation (around 8°C to 50°C), there is no risk of burns even if people come into direct contact with it. It can be safely used in places where there are small children and the elderly, such as nursery schools, kindergartens, and nursing homes.

03 Long life and reduced maintenance work


04 Lean design and functionality


In addition, it is made of 100% aluminum and has a higher emissivity than iron radiant panels, and it is highly efficient because it starts up quickly.

05 Diverse variations for different applications

▼Size variations

Residential use, commercial/industrial use, gymnasium/arena use, movable units, etc.

We have a total of 20 size variations, including 5 lengths and 4 widths, to suit your space.

Please contact us for more information about our product lineup and specifications.

▼ Coating color variations

You can choose the surface treatment method of the product (aluminum) from two types: "paint coating treatment (hydrophilic coating treatment)" and "anodizing treatment (anodic oxidation treatment)".

A total of 15 color variations are available as standard specifications, carefully selected according to the characteristics of each coating. In addition, as an order color option, you can choose your favorite color from all 632 colors listed in the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association color sample book.

Implementation results / introduction image

It has been introduced in various places such as domestic and overseas laboratories, offices, hotels, medical institutions, and nursing care facilities.






sound room studio

How to install

*The radiant heating and cooling system "THEAR",which we have previously handled,has been released asMacnica brand radiant heating and cooling system "CeeM".


The radiant cooling and heating system CeeM is lightweight, highly efficient, and comes in a wide variety of variations to meet a variety of uses. If you would like to experience the product, or if you would like more information about the product lineup or specifications, please contact us using the form below.


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