What is Melt King

MeltKing is a drying weight reduction device that dries, reduces weight, and sterilizes waste by heating it at a high temperature.

The environment-friendly "indirect heating method" dries and reduces the amount of waste, so the processed products become combustible solids and can be recycled as fertilizers, feeds, and combustion aids, contributing to the achievement of SDGs. . (*1) By introducing Melt King, it is possible to expect effects such as reduction of CO2 emissions generated by waste processing and transportation and reduction of fuel consumption, making it possible to greatly contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.


There are two types available: Melt King DNX, which can be used indoors and outdoors and is effective for treating raw vegetables and food residue with a high water content, and Melt King MD, which can safely treat waste from infectious diseases with a high water content such as disposable diapers. .


*1: Some processed materials cannot be used.

Features of Melt King

Sterilize and reduce waste to 1/5 to 1/10

It sterilizes and reduces the weight by shutting off the air in the weight reduction chamber and evaporating the water content of food residue and infectious waste with indirect heating.

Depending on the water content, it is possible to reduce the drying weight to 1/50 at maximum.



Since the autonomous driving except for the loading and unloading of waste, there is no work cost.

Environmentally friendly processing method

Since it is an indirect heating type and does not burn waste, there is no scattering of dust and no dioxin is generated.
The patented deodorization technology greatly reduces the odor of the steam after processing, and the operating noise is also quiet.

Melt King MD has a track record of being installed in a hospital in Kawasaki City, and has cleared all permissible concentration limits based on the strict standard values set by Kawasaki City for designated flue gas substances other than dioxins.

Recycling of processed products

Unlike general incinerators, waste is not burned (=no oxidation reaction), so the treated product does not turn into ash, but becomes a combustible solid that retains its original energy. Therefore, it can be recycled into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) solid fuel, fertilizer and feed.


■ Examples of in-house utilization of processed products

(1) Drying and weight reduction processing of vegetable scraps from food factories with Melt King
(2) Use the processed product as fertilizer for the company's own fields

How Melt King works

① After throwing in the waste, turn on the operation switch.

(2) The waste (garbage, infectious waste, etc.) that has been thrown in is indirectly heated around the heating chamber with a burner and is steamed.

③ Reduce the heating temperature and agitate the waste to make it finer while promoting drying.

④ The gas and odor generated by the high-temperature heat storage structure is heated with the deodorizing burner on the top, and after deodorizing, it is discharged.

⑤ Cooling stop When cooling down to the set temperature, it will stop automatically.

Product Specifications

Drying weight loss device Melt King DNX

<Target waste>

●Can be processed

Vegetable scraps, fruit scraps, fish and meat cooking scraps, leftover food, sludge, grass, etc.

●Do not insert

Vinyl chloride products, petroleum/waste oils, metals, bundled paper such as books, clothing, etc.

Dry sterilization weight loss device Melt King MD

<Target waste>

●Can be processed

Disposable diapers, blood-stained gauze, protective clothing, shredded paper, garbage, etc.

●Do not insert

Spray cans, organic solvents, poisonous substances, explosives, large amounts of alcohol, sharp objects such as hypodermic needles and scalpels, fuels with low flash points such as paraffin,
Vinyl chloride products, petroleum/waste oils, metals, bundled paper such as books, clothing, etc.

Case study

The DNX series is used in food processing factories, resort facilities, industrial waste disposal companies, etc., and the MD series is used in various places such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Drying weight loss device Melt King DNX

Dry sterilization weight loss device Melt King MD