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We will continue to build on our core strengths

Macnica's business principle is "We will continue to build on our core strengths" in order to consistently introduce the latest products and technologies to meet future needs. Electronics and IT have led to major advances in daily life and society. The significance of Macnica's business lies in supporting such advances, by unearthing innovative technologies and delivering them to the world. Looking ahead, Macnica will continue to build on our core strengths with the aim of contributing to humanity worldwide through its global network.

Strengths unique to Macnica

Macnica retains the venture spirit from its start-up days. Its corporate culture values the positive spirit of taking on challenges, and a consistent, autonomous business style befitting a totally independent company. In this way, Macnica takes a proactive approach to business, through ideas and methods that differ from those of its rivals. This is what makes Macnica special. The company also respects the autonomy of employees, and assigns sufficient authority to younger managers, achieving the decision-making speed required by business. This approach will be maintained consistently, in pursuit of technologies and services unique to Macnica, helping customers increase their own value. At Macnica, we truly appreciate the ongoing support of our customers.