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Variety of combinations Full variation TENQOO

The LED base light TENQOO series is an LED base light that can be used in combination with the fixture body and various LED bars.
You can choose the fixture, you can choose the brightness, you can choose the light color. With the TENQOO series, it is possible to create a lighting environment that matches the scale and purpose of the space, as well as the atmosphere.

01 LED Base Light TENQOO Series DALI Compatible Lighting Equipment/DALI Lighting Control System

<Achieving energy and labor savings for the entire facility>

A base light equipped with a DALI compatible power supply is now available in the TENQOO series. While maintaining a comfortable visual environment, it achieves energy and labor savings for the entire facility.


▶ DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)
DALI is an international standard for lighting control based on IEC62386. Because it is an open protocol, it is highly versatile and provides comfortable lighting with detailed dimming control. This system is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses.

< Control lighting fixtures individually >

DALI has an address for each lighting fixture, and can be turned on, off, and dimmed for each lighting fixture or group. Up to 64 lighting fixtures can be connected to the DALI master (1 line), and grouping and brightness scenes can be set for each master.


Grouping possible from one lighting fixture

▶ Free layout
Grouping is possible from one lighting fixture, so even if the office layout changes, there is no need for wiring work, and the lighting area can be changed simply by setting. (Up to 16 groups of lighting areas can be set.)


▶ Effective energy saving
Depending on the usage situation, you can change the lighting area just by setting the useless lighting in areas where there are no people.

Brightness scenes can also be set for each unit

▶ Brightness scene according to the application
Regardless of the group area, the brightness can be set for each lighting fixture. You can play scenes with brightness according to your purpose. (Brightness can be set for up to 16 scenes)

Illuminate See Know New LED lighting ViewLED

This is a new concept product that combines LED lighting and a video recording camera. Since the lighting is integrated, you can take advantage of the view position from above where you can see clearly, and introduce video recording that will be a reassuring ally in a "what if" situation in various spaces.

02 LED base light TENQOO series LED lighting with camera ViewLED Recorder integrated recording model

< Easy installation >

▶ Installation is only electrical work for lighting fixtures.
Since the camera with video recording function and the LED lighting are integrated, there is no need for dedicated recording equipment or dedicated wiring for installing the camera. It is also recommended for places where you gave up on installing a camera due to the installation environment such as "dedicated wiring is not possible" or the lighting environment such as "it is likely to be backlit and video recording is not possible".

< Easy recording >

▶ Never miss a shot with automatic overwrite recording.
Automatically recorded video is temporarily saved in the microSD memory card inside the LED lighting fixture. If necessary, you can move the data from the SD card to another recording medium and check it. Video recording will be a reassuring ally at the time of "what if".

*The microSD memory card is sold separately.

<Check shooting range on smartphone>

▶ Easy viewing with Wi-Fi connection.
It is convenient that you can easily check the video range and recording image with a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi when installing.

03 LED high ceiling fixture LED lighting with camera ViewLED Local server recording model

< Beyond lighting. >

LED high ceiling fixtures have been added to the ViewLED series based on the concept of illuminating, seeing and learning. Visualize the on-site situation with images from a view position that clearly overlooks the space.

(1) Operational efficiency: A wide perspective makes it easy to record and understand flow lines. It contributes to efficient confirmation of flow lines and layout changes. It supports more advanced needs in factories, warehouses, etc., such as recording the movement and density of people in buildings.

(2) Safety and security: Recording and alert notification are possible when a moving object is detected within a pre-specified range. If you specify a dangerous area, you can detect intrusion into the dangerous area, which leads to safety and security.

(3) Appropriate management: High equipment and luggage racks that are difficult to see at the site can be easily checked with images from the ceiling. Even if you are not there, you can check the image on a PC, tablet, or smartphone via network communication, which contributes to the prevention of "what if".

< Product features >

▶ Remote monitoring of site conditions
Through network communication, you can check the camera image on your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. For example, you can check the on-site situation while working remotely. * Limited to within the local network

▶ Selectable recording function
You can select "Continuous recording" to record by specifying the time period or day of the week, or "Motion recording" to record only when movement occurs in the set range. You can set it according to your usage. In addition, the built-in day/night mode enables shooting with near-infrared rays even at night.

▶ Consideration for privacy
It is possible to decide the camera settings and viewing range according to the authority. In addition, highly confidential parts can be hidden with a privacy mask by specifying the range.