List of products and services

Aiming to realize a sustainable society by contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the establishment of a decarbonized society

energy management

Perovskite Solar Cells

Light, thin, flexible, paintable! Solar power is changing the concept of power generation

Energy management system Kisense®

Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions through energy management, prediction, and control

Next-generation smart office solution

Smart offices improve operations in the office and reduce electricity costs for the entire facility

Data visualization solution

Understand facility power consumption and CO2 emissions, and support energy efficiency improvement and optimization

Circular energy storage system soldam

A low-cost, highly safe, and environmentally friendly system that allows for resource recycling

thermal solution

Visualization of thermal energy for safer worksites and optimization of operations

Energy saving management

Thermal insulation paint Macnicut

Thermal insulation paint Macnicut

Reduce power consumption of air conditioner outdoor unit

Shiny U LED

Light source life 72,000 hours
Robust, long-life, high-efficiency industrial LED lighting

Macnica 's radiant heating and cooling system "CeeM"

Radiant air conditioning system CeeM

Realizing energy-saving and comfortable spaces Radiant air-conditioning systems that are friendly to the human body and the environment



LED base light TENQOO series DALI compatible lighting fixtures / DALI lighting control system / LED base light TENQOO series LED lighting with camera ViewLED Recorder integrated recording model
/ LED high ceiling fixture LED lighting with camera ViewLED local server recording model

Resource recycling management

Melt King

Drying weight reduction equipment that dries, reduces weight, and sterilizes waste with an environmentally friendly "indirect heating method"

Garbage disposal machine E-cube

Garbage disposer that converts garbage and uncooked residue into water using the power of microorganisms

Screw press dehydrator DMseries

Great effect on reducing food waste and various industrial wastes

Environmental life management

Patent white LED sterilization lighting VioClean®

Philips UV-C sterilizer series



UV irradiation machine for virus suppression and sterilization