Not just COVID-19! The threat of "bacteria" lurking in everyday life

With the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 (COVID-19), sterilization and virus inactivation technology by irradiation with ultraviolet (UV-C) is attracting attention. Products that implement such technology are introduced not only in places where disinfection is required, such as hospitals and factories, but also in various places such as offices and schools. However, since ultraviolet rays have wavelengths that affect the human body, it is necessary to meet various safety requirements such as IEC and UL standards.


In addition to COVID-19, the number of bacteria with antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that is resistant to antibacterial drugs and antibiotics is increasing around the world. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Efforts on AMR *1, approximately 700,000 people died from AMR in 2013. It is reported that 10 million people will die in 2050 if nothing is done.


*1: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Health Service Bureau "AMR Initiatives by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare"

White LED disinfection lighting What is VioClean®?

It is an LED sterilization light equipped with normal lighting function and sterilization technology that is harmless to the human body and​ ​effective against bacteria.

Even in a manned environment, it is possible to disinfect and inactivate coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and bacteria.

The product is a “single type” that can be lit and disinfected 24 hours a day, and a “dual type” that can switch between lighting with a combination of white LEDs and LEDs with a specific wavelength of 405 nm during the day and lighting with only a specific wavelength of 405 nm at night. There are two types of germicidal lamps.

Features of VioClean®

1 Uses visible light that is completely harmless to the human body

VioClean® uses a specific wavelength (405 nm) in normal visible light, unlike UV disinfection lights that emit invisible light. It has been demonstrated that pathogenic and drug-resistant bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 can be sterilized and inactivated by causing a photochemical reaction in bacteria. *2


*2: Not all bacteria and viruses

Source: Gtech Solutions Inc.

Sterilization method using visible light LED

Source: Gtech Solutions Inc.

Mold growth was greatly suppressed when VioClean® was used

Source: Gtech Solutions Inc.

<Experimental conditions>

Experiment location: indoor office
Irradiation conditions: 1.8 m to the irradiation surface, illuminance > 500 lx
Measurement period: 7 days
Objects: Daily necessities, food
(sponge, rice, green onion, toast, coffee beans)

2 White LEDs and diffusion panels made of special material for a more natural white light

Since VioClean® uses visible light, violet light is emitted when only LEDs with a specific wavelength of 405 nm are irradiated.
By combining the white LED, which is the patented sterilization LED technology of Vyv Inc. (formerly Vital Vio) in the United States, with a diffusion panel made of a special material, it is possible to prevent the loss of sterilization energy on top of high light transmittance, resulting in a normal, natural effect. It's showing a white light.

3 Switch lighting modes between day and night

There are two types of products, downlight type and panel light type, and there are single type and dual type for each.

The single type is equipped with only "white disinfection mode". The dual type can be switched between "white sterilization mode" and "energy-saving sterilization mode".

Source: Gtech Solutions Inc.

White sterilization mode: sterilization with normal lighting!

Even in a manned environment, it can be used in the same way as normal lighting to disinfect. A hygienic environment is maintained by always lighting.

Source: Gtech Solutions Inc.

Energy-saving disinfection mode: Guard against bacterial growth even after lights out!

By switching off only the "lighting" part at night, the same sterilization effect as when the white sterilization mode is lit is maintained with less electricity costs, suppressing the growth of bacteria. *3500K/4500K "energy-saving disinfection mode" light looks green.

Product Line

VioClean® implementation results

It is used in various places such as medical institutions, schools, commercial facilities, and homes.