Visualization of thermal energy for safer worksites and optimization of operations

By visualizing and optimizing invisible thermal energy with state-of-the-art thermal imagers and thermometers, why not aim to be a pioneer company in realizing a recycling-oriented society?

In order to realize a circular economy, there are three major issues that companies must address: ``optimal use of energy,'' ``recycling of resources,'' and ``environmental conservation.'' Did you know that there are methods that can help you solve these problems right away? It is about making the "invisible" visible.
Macnica supports everything from selecting the appropriate thermal imager to system construction and implementation, depending on the customer's environment and purpose. By using a thermal imager, it is possible to monitor equipment abnormalities (e.g., steel works plants), ignition monitoring (e.g., belt conveyors, fuel storage facilities), and monitor conditions inside high-temperature furnaces (e.g., heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces). is.

Macnica 's "Thermal Solutions" help customers reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by making their sites safer and optimizing operations.

thermal solution

Casting slag removal automation

Protect people from dangerous casting slag removal work!

By using an infrared camera, impurities (slag, slag) in molten metal can be imaged and identified. In addition, slag removal equipment (such as robot arms) will be used to automate the slag removal work.

■ Reduce workload by identifying the presence and position of slag with an infrared camera
■ Ensure employee safety by automating and eliminating human intervention
■ Contribution to quality improvement by eliminating variations in accuracy due to human work

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Thermal solution implementation examples

Improved product quality, improved production efficiency, and reduced energy consumption

Thermal solutions using infrared cameras provided by Macnica contribute to advanced monitoring and optimization of manufacturing processes in the industrial sector, improving product quality, increasing production efficiency and reducing energy consumption. They also contribute to the promotion of sustainable manufacturing processes that take into account the impact on the environment.

■ Electric furnace interior monitoring solution
■ Ladle shell temperature monitoring solution
■ Continuous casting monitoring solution
■ Automated solution for removing slag
■ Flare monitoring solution
■ Energy usage visualization solution


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