Preventing the spread of airborne diseases and creating a healthy and comfortable working environment by visualizing the environment

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends measuring and monitoring CO2 concentration in order to implement effective ventilation to control the spread of airborne diseases such as COVID-19. In recent years, there has been an increasing need for monitoring and managing indoor air quality in order to make people's lives safer, more secure, and more fulfilling.

Macnica provides solutions to realize safe and secure environments, including a platform that can digitize environmental data such as temperature, humidity, PM2.5, and TVOC in offices and factories, as well as lighting technology that protects against bacteria and viruses. By visualizing air quality as perceived by people, such as "hot," "cold," and "drowsy," and by linking it with seat sensors to make offices smarter, it is possible to better manage the offices, factories, and workplaces that we use every day.

Macnica 's "Environmental Life Management" supports the creation of a healthy and comfortable work environment, including making offices smarter by visualizing the environment and detecting fires early.

Solution to prevent the spread of airborne diseases

LED sterilization lighting VioClean®

24-hour safe sterilization and prevention of airborne infections with LEDs

"VioClean®" is an LED sterilization light that does not use ultraviolet rays and is harmless to the human body, equipped with normal lighting functions and sterilization technology that is effective against bacteria and viruses. Even in a manned environment, it is possible to disinfect and inactivate coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and bacteria. "VioClean®" has been introduced in places where an unspecified number of people come and go, such as overseas medical institutions, schools, and commercial facilities.

Product introduction example

Philips UV-C sterilizer series

Sterilize viruses and bacteria with UV-C inactivation ability

■ UV-C desk light
Tabletop UV-C germicidal lighting suitable for use in small shops, offices, and general households. The UV-C desk light emits UV-C directly and must be used unattended.

■ UV-C indoor air sterilizer
Room air is taken in from the air inlet at the bottom of the device, and clean air that has been sterilized with UV-C light is discharged from the air outlet at the top of the device. UV-C light does not leak outside and can be used safely 24 hours a day even in manned environments.

■ UV-C upper layer air sterilizer
A UV-C sterilizer installed on the ceiling or wall to sterilize indoor air. The ceiling-mounted type emits UV-C light in four directions, and the wall-mounted type in one direction to sterilize the air in the upper layer, so it can be used at all times in places where people stay.


Creating clean spaces in the future

UVee (universal downlight type virus suppressing/disinfecting UV irradiator) sterilizes and suppresses viruses by irradiating with ultraviolet rays. Equipped with 222nm ultraviolet sterilization technology that can be used in a manned environment. We provide safe and secure spaces in environments where people live, such as facilities for the elderly and offices.

Environment visualization solution

Next-generation smart office solution

Smart office and operational improvement

The Next-Generation Smart Office Solution installs various sensors in the facility and acquires and analyzes data in a way that does not identify individuals. By monitoring the usage status of facilities and planning efficient facility layouts and power usage schedules, we can improve office operations, reduce electricity costs for the entire facility, and create a comfortable work environment. It is characterized by being able to provide from small to large scale according to the customer's scale and budget, starting with a small start such as one floor, and expanding to one building or multiple locations as necessary. .

■ Collective management of various office-related data
■ Formulation of plans based on environmental analysis and control of equipment
■ Management and optimization of power consumption


If you have any questions about preventing the spread of airborne diseases or making the environment visible, please feel free to contact us.