Resolving the world's largest waste disposal problem through resource recycling

Waste disposal is the biggest problem in the world. In recent years, a large amount of food waste has been generated in Japan, and a large amount of CO2 is emitted from the transportation and incineration of garbage.

Macnica proposes resource recycling that finds value in and utilizes waste generated by local communities and companies, rather than simply treating it as "garbage." For example, food waste can be dried and reduced in volume, then composted or reused as livestock feed, or plastic waste can be converted into oil using scientific methods to be used as a substitute for heavy and light oil. These efforts reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimize energy usage, and protect the earth's resources.

Macnica 's "resource circulation management" builds a sustainable business model through resource circulation, helping customers improve their corporate image, brand value, and reduce waste disposal costs. We can propose various solutions to suit your needs, so please feel free to contact us.

Resource circulation solution

Garbage drying volume reduction machine Melt King

Reducing and recycling waste safely without burning it

MeltKing is a drying weight reduction device that dries, reduces weight, and sterilizes waste by heating it at a high temperature. The environment-friendly "indirect heating method" dries and reduces the amount of waste, so that the processed products become combustible solids and can be recycled as fertilizers, feeds, and combustion aids. By introducing Melt King, we can also expect the effects of reducing fuel and CO2 emissions for transporting waste, and reducing greenhouse gases generated when processing waste.

There are two types available: Melt King DNX, which can be used indoors and outdoors and is effective for treating raw vegetables and food residue with a high water content, and Melt King MD, which can safely treat waste from infectious diseases with a high water content such as disposable diapers. . It has been introduced in various places such as food processing factories, resort facilities, industrial waste disposal companies, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Garbage disposal machine E-cube

Turning food waste into water with the power of microorganisms

E-cube is a completely self-contained garbage disposer with a 100% volume reduction rate that converts garbage and uncooked residue into water using the power of microorganisms. Microorganisms decompose garbage as it is ground, and the remaining water after treatment is finished can be discharged into a septic tank or sewage. Various sizes are available according to the amount of garbage discharged, from a minimum of 10 kg to a maximum of 750 kg.

It has been installed in various facilities such as stations, hotels, shopping malls, employee cafeterias, lunch centers, factories, hospitals, and nursery schools.

■ Easy operation | Anyone can use it without draining the water before putting it in or taking out the leftovers.
■ Low cost|Because it becomes water after treatment, there is no need to dispose of the residue, and the running cost is low.
■ Compact|Garbage can be put in at any time, solving the problem of odor and space when accumulating garbage

Screw press dehydrator DMseries

Extremely effective in reducing food waste

The screw press dehydrator "DMseries" is the perfect solution for reducing, volume, and reusing waste.
It can squeeze food waste such as bean sprouts, cabbage, various vegetables, fruits, and used tea leaves with overwhelming dehydration efficiency, making it possible to significantly reduce weight. For bean sprouts with a high moisture content, we achieved a weight reduction of over 70% compared to before dehydration. By dehydrating food waste with the DMseries and significantly reducing its weight and volume, it is possible to reduce waste processing costs and CO2 emissions generated during incineration.

In addition, food waste has traditionally been processed at a high cost, but by dehydrating it and reducing its water content, it becomes easier to process it for reuse. It can be recycled as feed. Efforts toward sustainability and reducing environmental impact lead to improved corporate brand and social credibility.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the reuse of waste and kitchen waste, or the creation of a resource recycling system.