To promote the decarbonization and CO2 emission reduction of regions and companies

In order to build a recycling-oriented society in the future, there is an urgent need for global warming countermeasures worldwide. While countries around the world have set greenhouse gas reduction targets, Japan has also announced a "decarbonization declaration" that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions to virtually zero by 2050, making this initiative an important one. .

There are various ways to decarbonize regions and companies and reduce CO2 emissions, but the introduction of hardware with high energy-saving effects is one of the means to quickly obtain results. In order to take the first step toward decarbonization, we will introduce hardware with good power efficiency and energy-saving effects, mainly for equipment such as lighting and air conditioning, which account for about 80% of the power consumption of the entire facility. This will result in significant energy savings.

Macnica 's "Energy Saving Management" supports customers' decarbonization efforts with a variety of hardware in order to realize a Sustainable Society and pass on a better earth to future generations.

Energy saving solution

Thermal insulation paint Macnicut

Reduce power consumption of air conditioner outdoor unit

It is possible to reduce the power consumption of air conditioners by applying thermal insulation paint to the outdoor units of air conditioners that are currently in use.

By Macnicut heat insulating paint to the exterior of the outdoor unit, installing an energy saving cover, and applying heat insulating paint to the surrounding floor, the outdoor unit is kept in a suitable operating condition, reducing annual power consumption by approximately 10 to 15%, achieving energy saving and power saving in air conditioning. It is effective not only in summer but also in winter.

In addition to painting outdoor units, it is also used to paint exterior walls of buildings (roofs, walls, balconies, etc.) and to prevent heat damage to cubicles.

ShinyU LED

Robust, long-life, high-efficiency industrial LED lighting

"ShinyU LED" manufactured by ShinyU Light is the best LED lighting for indoor and outdoor energy saving. The uniform heat conduction plate of our unique technology realizes a heat dissipation function that allows you to touch the light source with your bare hands at the moment it is turned off. Due to this feature, it is possible to significantly reduce the electricity bill, which is a running cost including air conditioning costs due to the lighting itself and heat, and reduce power consumption. It has a track record of passing all environmental tests, and is a lighting equipment that is resistant to environmental changes with little deterioration in performance even in harsh environments. In addition, since the illuminance and light distribution angle can be controlled, it is possible to reduce light leakage and waste to the surroundings and illuminate the target in an optimal state.

[Brighter] at the same power consumption as other companies
[Cheaper] at the same illuminance as other companies
■ Light source life is 72,000 hours [longer] than other companies

It is installed in harbors, school grounds, parking lots, factories, warehouses, etc.

Product introduction example

Radiant air conditioning system CeeM

Realizing energy-saving and comfortable spaces

The radiant cooling and heating system CeeM uses heat transfer by radiation to create an energy-saving and comfortable space that is "quiet", "silent", and "consistent in temperature".

Since radiant heat directly affects things and people, it is highly energy efficient, and can reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption by approximately 10% to 50% compared to convection air conditioning equipment (air conditioners, fan heaters, etc.). Is possible. Since the radiant air conditioning system uses a cold/hot water heat pump unit, it has the advantage of suppressing peak energy consumption (demand) due to operation compared to general air conditioning. Since the radiant panel is non-powered, the transportation energy is greatly reduced, contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions of transportation equipment.
In addition, while convection air conditioning systems circulate refrigerant gas, radiant air conditioning systems circulate cold and hot water (antifreeze liquid). The 100% aluminum panel is recyclable and does not require filters, making it an environmentally friendly air conditioning system.


Variety of combinations Full variation TENQOO

The LED base light TENQOO series is an LED base light that can be used in combination with the fixture body and various LED bars.
You can choose the fixture, you can choose the brightness, you can choose the light color. With the TENQOO series, it is possible to create a lighting environment that matches the scale and purpose of the space, as well as the atmosphere.

Illuminate See Know New LED lighting ViewLED

This is a new concept product that combines LED lighting and a video recording camera. Since the lighting is integrated, you can take advantage of the view position from above where you can see clearly, and introduce video recording that will be a reassuring ally in a "what if" situation in various spaces.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about decarbonization and energy saving in your area/facility.