Enabling space and contact sterilization 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without anyone being aware of it
"VioClean" increases the safety and security of clinics with white LEDs that are harmless to the human body

■Company information: Kenshokai Medical Corporation
■Business details:
Since opening the Shin-Akasaka Clinic in 1969, we have provided PHC (Positive Health Care) as a proactive form of medical care, with the motto of ``medical care that combines the facilities of a university hospital with the kindness of local practitioners.'' Advocate and provide human dog services. As a clinic with over 50 years of experience as a pioneer in comprehensive medical checkups in Japan, we boast of over 40,000 patients per year, and currently have clinics in Aoyama, Ginza, and Yokohama.



Keeping in mind the importance of preventive medicine, we provide medical check-up services that lead to proactive medical care.


When relocating the clinic, we will strengthen the creation of a safe and secure environment for patients and working staff.


It has excellent cost performance and can be used for both space sterilization and contact sterilization with its harmless white LED.

Current operation

Contributing to BCP measures as a clinic and creating a safe and secure environment based on evidence

from now on

Deployment to clinics that have not yet introduced it


As a pioneer in medical check-ups, we work to practice and educate preventive medicine.

Everyone at Kenshokai Medical Corporation Shin-Akasaka Clinic

Kenshokai Medical Corporation has been accepting many patients every year, mainly for medical check-ups, since opening Shin-Akasaka Clinic in 1969, emphasizing "university hospital facilities and the kindness of medical practitioners." Keeping in mind the importance of preventive medicine, which focuses on the early detection and early treatment of lifestyle-related diseases, we are working to practice and raise awareness of preventive medicine. Proposed PHC as a. As a pioneer in comprehensive medical checkups, we have over 50 years of track record and experience as a top runner in preventive medicine, having obtained the first certification in 2004 for ``Comprehensive Health Checkup Facility Functional Evaluation'' certified by the Comprehensive Health Checkup Association. is leading the industry.

Currently, we have clinics in Aoyama, Ginza, and Yokohama, and in addition to expanding the number of checkup floors, we are also working on improving the environment to maximize the convenience of patients by increasing the number of gastrocameras and introducing mammography. , specialists at the Japan Red Cross Medical Center and doctors at the clinic are working together to detect lifestyle-related diseases early.


Due to the relocation of the clinic, we are considering a sterilization system using ultraviolet rays in the new environment.

The corporation has a history of proactively improving the air environment by reducing the number of bacteria floating in the space. He says that in 2020, when COVID-19 was a hot topic, he introduced an ultraviolet irradiation device that creates a layer of ultraviolet light on the ceiling surface and reduces airborne bacteria passing through it through natural convection. Mr. Kazuhiro Kamiya is the office manager. ``Clinics are visited by an unspecified number of people, so we are constantly required to take measures against infectious diseases, not just COVID-19, but a variety of other viruses.An acquaintance of the deputy director just introduced us to a system that uses ultraviolet rays to sterilize bacteria. , and introduced it at the clinic. That's when I learned about the effectiveness of disinfecting bacteria using ultraviolet light," he says, looking back on those days.

Shin-Akasaka Clinic Ginza

The effectiveness of this technology was first realized when it was used to eliminate odors from aging building pipes. ``The smell from the pipes seemed to be leaking out from the rooms where endoscopy was done, so much so that when I came to work in the morning, the whole room was filled with the smell,'' said Emiko Jimbo, chief of the general affairs department. Although the effectiveness of the ultraviolet irradiation device was unclear, when the device was installed in an endoscopy room, it succeeded in eliminating odors. "Since the bacteria cannot be visually detected, both my staff and I were skeptical, but we experienced the deodorizing effect by eliminating the odor that seemed to come from bacteria. We thought this was a good thing," says Kamiya.

At that time, it was decided that the clinic would be relocated, and at the new location, they decided to proceed with the study of an ultraviolet irradiation device with antibacterial effects.


Can be operated with a white LED that is harmless to the human body, and can be used for both space sterilization and contact sterilization.

Mr. Kazuhiro Kamiya, Executive Director, Kenshokai Medical Corporation

Initially, a proven ultraviolet irradiation device was considered as a solution, but that solution is suited to use over a wide area, and the new clinic required something that could be expected to have a sterilization effect in a relatively limited area. That's when they were introduced to Macnica 's white LED sterilization lighting, "VioClean." "Unlike ultraviolet irradiation devices, this not only sterilizes the entire space, but also bacteria attached to equipment and the like. Although it doesn't have an immediate effect, we appreciated the fact that it sterilizes using visible light that is harmless to the human body," said Kamiya.

Additionally, unlike ultraviolet irradiation devices, it is considered easy to maintain as there is no need to replace cartridges. “At our hospital, where healthy people come to see our patients, we pay close attention to safety and security.We also need to prevent in-hospital infections among working staff, and even if the cost is high, it is unavoidable.Nevertheless, VioClean The study showed solid evidence that it is cost-effective and has no effect on the human body.The ideal approach would be to use UV irradiation equipment in the entire space, and use VioClean in small areas such as endoscopy rooms where bacteria are likely to grow. That's what I thought," said Kamiya.

In fact, a disinfection device using photocatalysts sold at electronics retailers was also considered as a candidate, but since the fluorescent lights are part of the building's framework, coordination with the management company would be necessary. On the other hand, the fact that VioClean was easy to install as an afterthought was a big advantage for the clinic.

Although they did not have a track record in Japan, they had a track record of employment at global companies and educational institutions, and we judged them to be sufficiently reliable in terms of track record. ``We have tremendous trust in Enbridge, Inc., which not only has a proven track record as a product, but also helped us with the introduction of the ultraviolet irradiation equipment, and the fact that we were introduced to them was a big factor,'' said Kamiya. One of the reasons they decided to choose VioClean was that the company had a history of pioneering the path to preventive medicine, and they were willing to take on new challenges.

As a result, VioClean was chosen as a system capable of both space sterilization and contact sterilization at the clinic operated by the corporation.

Current operation

Being able to sterilize 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without being consciously aware leads to a sense of security.

Emiko Jimbo, General Affairs Department, Kenshokai Medical Corporation

Currently, there are 20 machines in the endoscopy room, examination room, outpatient waiting room, and toilets at Shin Akasaka Clinic Ginza, which moved in May​ ​2023, and 8 machines in the endoscopy room at Shin Akasaka Clinic Aoyama, which moved in April. VioClean has been installed, and while it is usually used as a light installed on the ceiling, it uses a specific wavelength of 405nm in normal visible light to disinfect and inactivate bacteria. The construction itself was simple and easy to deploy, with installation of one unit taking only a few hours and installation of multiple units taking about half a day.

During business hours, the lights are used as regular white LED lights, but when you get home, you switch to an energy-saving sterilization mode that turns off only the lights, allowing you to continue disinfecting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. "When you get home, the room is illuminated purple with 405 mm light, so it's easy to see that the room has been properly disinfected. Normally, disinfection is carried out without the staff being aware of it, but when in energy-saving mode, "We have received feedback that it is reassuring because it can be visualized by different colors," commented Jimbo.

Thanks to VioClean, which sterilizes both air and contact, it provides a safe and secure environment not only for patients visiting the hospital but also for staff, making it an effective BCP measure for business continuity. Mr. Kamiya says, ``Elimination measures are important in order to prevent situations such as hospital-acquired infections.VioClean is helping to create an environment where people can work with peace of mind.'' He says that in the event of an emergency, the most effective thing is to be able to demonstrate to the public that the company is taking appropriate measures, including evidence.

Endoscopy room (left: white sterilization mode, right: energy-saving sterilization mode)
Examination room (left: white sterilization mode, right: energy-saving sterilization mode)

Regarding Enbridge, which handled everything from proposing VioClean to actually installing it, he said, "They proposed sterilization technologies such as ultraviolet irradiation equipment and VioClean, which uses visible light, in the form that was optimal for the clinic's environment, which allowed us to introduce them with peace of mind. As professionals in air design, they always respond sincerely to what we want." He also highly praised Macnica for their behind-the-scenes support, including providing evidence, technical assistance, and backup, including procuring equipment.

from now on

We would like to continue to make effective use of VioClean, including expanding it to clinics where it has not yet been introduced.

Currently, VioClean is being deployed in rooms where vital capacity is measured at Shin-Akasaka Clinic Aoyama, but there are plans to introduce VioClean in conjunction with renovation work planned at Shin-Akasaka Clinic Yokohama, which has not yet introduced it. It is said that they are doing so. ``Endoscopy rooms in particular are areas where bacteria are likely to grow.'' Mr. Kamiya is enthusiastic. ``We would like to expand VioClean into Yokohama as well.''

They plan to continue expanding VioClean as needed, but are also looking forward to Macnica, a technology trading company, proposing new products. "I've heard that they also have solutions that can solve garbage disposal problems, such as waste resource recycling solutions. I'd love to hear your suggestions if there's anything they can offer that would be useful," Kamiya said of the future.

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