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Need for Evolution from ASM to CTEM Based on Recent Security Threats

Features of the seminar

Learn from infringement cases that misuse externally disclosed assets! Latest security measures webinar by ULTRA RED

Recently, there have been a series of cases in which attack methods are used to target vulnerable systems facing the Internet. In particular, assets (servers, VPN devices, etc.) of overseas bases and group companies, etc., which tend to be understaffed, are often targeted, and vulnerabilities are compromised, critical incidents occur, and extensive damage is caused. Enterprises are booming.

As an effective measure to prevent such serious security damage, in addition to "Attack Surface Management" that grasps company assets that have been disclosed to the outside, CTEM (Continuous Surface Management), a method for continuous monitoring and management, is available. The concept of Threat Exposure Management is very important. In this seminar, we will introduce the necessity and method.







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  Status and causes of incidents in Japan and overseas
  Necessity of evolution from ASM to CTEM (provisional)

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