What is Food Agri Tech Incubation Base?

Food Agri Tech Incubation Base is an open innovation space that creates new value beyond the boundaries of businesses and companies in order to connect the memories of food and agriculture to the future.
It is located next to Macnica 's head office, a 10-minute walk from Shin-Yokohama Station.

It is possible to conduct tours of wasabi plant factories for new farmers, and PoC on the theme of environmentally controlled agriculture for external partner companies.

A wooden deck has been set up around the Food Agri Tech Incubation Base, allowing for casual meetings, parties, and exchange activities with the local community.


Food Agri Tech Incubation Base is based on NEXTAGE 's wasabi cultivation module.

A shelf for hydroponic cultivation is installed inside a 40-foot refrigerated container, and it is equipped with environmental control technology such as LEDs that can output wavelengths suitable for plant cultivation, CO2 cylinders, air conditioners, and chillers.

The cultivation room is divided into two areas: ① cultivation area and ② co-creation area.

Cultivation area

We are working with NEXTAGE to promote mass production of wasabi cultivation modules by cultivating the highest quality variety called Matsuma Wasabi, which takes two years to cultivate in the natural environment, in an automatically controlled plant factory with an environment suitable for growth. This is an area for joint development.

By having employees practice and learn about wasabi cultivation at a plant factory, they will discover issues and improve operations and cultivation environment control.

Co-creation area

This is a space where you can conduct PoC on the themes of not only wasabi cultivation but also hydroponic cultivation and environmentally controlled farms. Cyber hardware and software can be used as a Box, creating a place where you can take on challenges quickly and through the mud, even as you continue to make mistakes.

Air quality monitoring AiryQonnect

This module developed by Macnica can measure temperature, humidity, CO2, and PM with high precision. In the future, we plan to experiment with high-density airflow simulation.

Edge AI module “SENSPIDER”

This module developed by Macnica has an analog sensor I/F and can output the results of analyzing input results using Edge AI.

We are looking for co-creation PoC themes related to next-generation plant factories and hydroponic cultivation!

We are widely recruiting PoC themes such as AI analysis of environmental data and growth data, execution of analysis results, crop disease diagnosis, nutrient solution component analysis, and changing cultivation items.

If you are interested in starting with an idea-based consultation or actually trying out our equipment in a plant factory, please contact us using the form below.

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