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Until now, agriculture has faced challenges such as "a shortage of workers due to the aging population," "unstable earnings due to the weather," and "difficulty for new entrants because the know-how of skilled workers is not clearly documented." The difficulty of management has been called out.

Under these circumstances, smart agriculture is expected to contribute to efficiency and automation by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and AI.

Here, we will introduce Macnica 's smart agriculture platform, which utilizes digital technology to solve problems in greenhouse horticulture and other greenhouse farming.

Agriculture where more companies are entering. Acquiring know-how, securing manpower, and stabilizing yields are issues

In recent years, companies have entered agriculture one after another. It is not uncommon for food-related companies to start production on their own farms and for companies from other industries to enter the market.
In addition to being motivated to contribute to the local community and create new businesses through agriculture, local governments that want to solve problems such as the aging of local communities and the increasing number of abandoned farmlands are increasing the number of cases in which companies are approached to attract companies.


On the other hand, there are the following unique problems in agriculture so far.

Issue (1) Acquisition of farming know-how

From planting to shipping, agriculture relies on the experience and know-how of skilled workers.
For new entrants, lack of know-how is a barrier to entry, such as "I don't know how to start farming" and "It is difficult to deal with pests and bad weather."

Issue (2) Securing manpower and reducing burden

Securing manpower and saving labor are issues due to the aging of the population and the decrease in the number of farmers.
In addition, since the amount of work and the timing of work are affected by the growth of crops and the weather, it is difficult to manage personnel, such as "suddenly needing workers" and "difficult to arrange personnel until just before".

Issue (3) Stabilization of yield and quality

Agriculture is susceptible to uncertainties such as weather and natural disasters, and stabilizing yields and quality is a constant challenge. Many farmers are troubled every year by saying, "Even if I receive an order, I can't grow it as requested," or "I have to throw it away because I caught too much."

Macnica 's ``Agricultural DX will solve your problems!Platform service for greenhouse horticulture agriculture'' will help solve these problems.


It can be used when converting from conventional agriculture to smart agriculture, or when entering agriculture in the future.


What is “Agricultural DX to solve your problems! Platform service for facility horticulture”? Service overview and features

"Resolve your problems with agricultural DX! Platform service for greenhouse horticulture" is a smart agriculture platform provided by Macnica for greenhouse horticulture such as greenhouses.


We provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge sensors, LEDs for growing plants, AI for data analysis, cloud computing, and networks. By integrating and visualizing information from sensors and AI analysis using the latest farming know-how, we support agriculture DX, operational efficiency, yield increase, quality improvement, labor management, etc.


We partner with multiple companies with a proven track record, and provide optimal solutions by utilizing their knowledge and technology. We will use digital technology to improve the issues unique to agriculture that many farmers have struggled with. Regardless of whether you have farming experience or not, you can efficiently grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables in greenhouses using smart farming.


It has the following features.

Features (1) Efficient production with optimal LED lights for growing plants

Efficient production is achieved by using LED lights with the optimum wavelength for growing plants. Our partner, Microcotec, boasts a top-level market share in domestic vegetable factories, and has a track record of increasing the cultivation efficiency of leafy vegetables such as lettuce by 20 to 30 %.

Feature (2) Prompt personnel arrangement by predicting the yield one week later

A sensor measures the amount of photosynthesis, and AI predicts yield within 10 % after one to two weeks. You can grasp the amount of work associated with harvesting and shipping in advance, and you can secure personnel and arrange shipping early. In addition, you can predict whether or not an order can be shipped, and quickly respond to shortages.

Features (3) Easy growth management with IoT cameras and AI

From the hanging camera installed in the plastic greenhouse, you can get a detailed grasp of the growth status of the plant height, color, etc. via the dashboard. With image analysis using AI, it is also possible to grasp the yield for the next three days from the color of tomatoes. Algorithms can also be introduced to detect early disease based on the color and appearance of leaves.

Feature (4) Battery-free sensor keeps track of the house environment at any time

With the battery-free IoT sensor, you can grasp the environmental information in the greenhouse while you are there. It uses farmo sensors that can quantify various environmental information such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, CO2 concentration, soil temperature, soil moisture index, growth point temperature, saturation difference, EC value, and soil moisture.

Feature (5) Cloud x AI eliminates the need for farming know-how

Macnica 's AI analysis platform realizes highly accurate growth management and yield prediction. It uses algorithms from its partner PLANT DATA and also supports the innovative cultivation know-how of Ehime University and Toyohashi University of Technology. By analyzing data accumulated in the cloud, it is also possible to consider operational improvements to increase yields.

In addition, automatic harvesting robots and various sensors are scheduled to be added sequentially. In addition, even when entering agriculture from scratch, we can provide introduction consulting for cultivation at the same level as professionals.


We propose highly economically rational agricultural management utilizing data.

"Agriculture DX solves problems! Platform service for greenhouse horticulture" configuration image example

"Agriculture DX solves problems! Platform service for greenhouse horticulture" configuration image example

Based on the sensor platform, we propose economic rationality including yield estimation, labor support and visualization, forecasting of required personnel, optimal placement, and numerical modeling of know-how for training business operators.We also provide cultivation consulting so that even newcomers can grow crops on par with experts.

Now that the world is facing food shortages, why not start smart agriculture initiatives as soon as possible?

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.