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Overwhelming share. De facto standard PC X server

A business lifeline that supports mission-critical operations

PC X server "OpenText Exceed" is client software that allows you to use UNIX X Windows and X applications from a Windows PC. Windows and UNIX applications can be used on a single PC, helping to reduce work space and effectively utilize existing UNIX assets. Amid the increasing complexity of the business environment, such as server consolidation, large amounts of drawing data, and an increase in mobile users, we have solved the problems faced by many companies by realizing comfortable and secure remote access to business-critical applications. To do.

[Product 1] OpenText Exceed

PC X server software that allows easy operation of UNIX/Linux on a Windows PC screen via a network

[Product 2] OpenText Exceed onDemand

Exceed high-end product As an ultra-high-speed PC X server, it is now possible to use the PC X server over a WAN, which had previously been given up!

[Product 3] OpenText Exceed TurboX

This screen transfer tool is ideal for design work. The perfect solution for improving the safety and work efficiency required for design work.