Beam Me Up (BMU) is dedicated to improving people's behavior and cognition.
the Company have expertise in biometry and AI, and provide software that is a collection of modules that incorporate artificial intelligence functionality.
This software can analyze a variety of human emotions and can be immediately implemented in your environment.

BMU solution

Emotion analysis software service NEO

NEO is an emotion analysis software service that uses brain wave reactions. It is possible to analyze emotions in various scenes.


• Quickly and accurately read and visualize users' emotional and cognitive states regarding content using over 80 indicators.
Real-time monitoring of user emotional changes such as enjoyment, interest, concentration, etc.
• Can be used for editing and development utilizing game software evaluation, video content evaluation, and user feedback.
• Sensing unconscious emotions through objective evaluation
• Efficient data collection & gaining actionable insights

• Providing new experiential value by visualizing emotions using a headset
• Through sentiment analysis, we can not only quickly grasp customer insights but also energize conversations.

EEG Measurement

For brain wave measurement, a device using a wireless headset (EEG) is used to measure emotions, psychological state, and cognitive state in real time.

Management screen

Fixed point observation analysis

Visualization of dominant emotions using a pie chart

Crown-shaped EEG

Use Case

It is possible to investigate the quality of content such as games, videos, virtual spaces, etc. from the degree of immersion when viewing the content, as well as positive and negative emotions, and by providing feedback, it is possible to create better content and develop games.

visual assessment

Video content evaluation

game rating

digital twin

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Manufacturer basic information

Inner Eye
company name BMU
main office
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Established 2014
Company Profile

BMU is a Montreal-based company that is supported by a strong team of Canadian and international researchers to expand and extend the boundaries of augmented intelligence. Through descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical capabilities approaches, new We provide recognition technology.


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Macnica BRAIN AI Innovation Lab.

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