Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN (formerly Silver Peak)

Aruba EdgeConnect(Former Silver Peak)

SD-WAN Leading Vendor

Do you have a problem like this?

  • I want to improve the user experience with high-quality, high-speed WAN communication...
  • All cloud communication bypasses the data center, so FW and proxies are tight and the quality is declining...
  • I'm worried about WAN security measures...

SD-WAN for secure and comfortable access to SaaS/IaaS

Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN realizes a secure and comfortable corporate WAN that is indispensable in the cloud era.

Since 2015, we have been the first to deploy cutting-edge SD-WAN solutions in Japan, and we have a track record of many implementations, including adoption at domestic commercial sites. Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN full-time engineers are enrolled, we have a lot of verification equipment for rental, and Japanese technical documents are available. We provide customers with a one-stop solution for consulting, proposals, verification, installation, construction, and maintenance regarding SD-WAN.

[Point 1] WAN optimization and acceleration

  • Application of Internet connection between bases

  • Quality and QoS guarantee for real-time applications such as voice and video

  • Efficient deduplication of large-capacity communication such as CAD/CIFS


  • Internet breakout for certain SaaS communications

  • Direct connection to IaaS environments such as AWS/Azure/GCP

  • Automatic selection of the best Internet exit

[Point 3] Enhanced WAN security

  • Site integration for stateful FWS functionality

  • Realization of WAN virtual segmentation

  • Coordination and support with external security such as web proxy