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II-VI's Finisar® Optical Transceiver Series is a Reliable Brand Installed Worldwide

II-VI's Finisar optical transceiver series is a reliable brand that has been introduced all over the world.

Macnica group is the No.1 primary distributor of II-VI Finisar® Optical Transceiver and Finisar® Active Optical Cable in Japan.

For more than 15 years since we began handling optical communication in 2003, our highly specialized engineers and experienced sales staff have been consistently providing everything from proposing the optimal product for your network infrastructure to post-installation operation. We will support you.

Solving problems with II-VI

Adopted by the world's leading switch and server vendors

Adopted by the world's leading switch and server vendors

You can introduce world-recognized optical transceivers at competitive prices.



Significant cost savings can be expected compared to vendor genuine products. In addition, we can expect simplification of management by unifying inventory types and contact points.

Sample free lending program for pre-verification

Sample free lending program for pre-verification

Before full-scale introduction, it is possible to introduce with confidence by having you verify the actual machine with a sample.
Click here to request a free verification sample

Over 15 years of Finisar product experience

More than 15 years * of experience in handling Finisar products

Our experienced sales and technical staff will support your introduction.

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Strengths of II-VI

Vertical integration strategy

With a vertical integration strategy that cannot be imitated by other optical transceiver vendors, we consistently use our own technology and equipment from the main parts that make up the optical transceiver (IC, light emitting element, light receiving element), their packaging, final assembly to testing. By adopting it, we will provide products with cutting-edge technology with stable quality and supply system. We have set up the world's largest mass production factories in Malaysia and China, and will respond to the growing demand for optical transceivers accompanying the rapidly expanding traffic.

II-VI company profile

company name II-VI Incorporated
Established 1971
Sales scale $2.6B
Number of Employees 26,000 people