The Macnica Mobility Data Platform (MMDP) can collect and store the data from the vehicle during driving (fleet data) and the sensors data (from cameras, LiDAR GNSS/IMU) in real-time with high accuracy. The transmitted data will be stored in the cloud keeping its high quality for further analysis and AI-modeling. By continuously monitoring, relearning, and updating the AI model, we can support the continued evolution of AI even after full-scale deployment.

Data Acquisition

You can collect the data by installing various sensors and synchronizing them.

Data Visualization

You can view the collected data stored in the cloud with a visual tool from a remote location in real-time.

What you can do


Accurately grasp the status and condition of operating equipment in real-time.


Accurately perceive what information you manage and analyze the status.


Detect and notify you of managed anomalies.


Control and operate remote equipment.

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