Since Macnica was founded in 1972, it has focused on technical support and the continuous advancement of its technological capabilities. About 30% of Macnica's employees are engineers - a high level even for this industry - and as a result of its persistent effort to elevate its technological capabilities, Macnica is able to provide a comprehensive range of solutions, from single components to the system level and from network equipment to software. Moreover, customers and suppliers appreciate being able to "leave everything to Macnica." Such outstanding engineering capabilities are the wellspring of value creation at Macnica, as they connect customers and suppliers, bringing benefits to both. This is Macnica's greatest strength.

Macnica takes pride in its all-round capabilities

Macnica's semiconductor division handles 80,000 products, boasting a great variety even in the context of this industry. The company provides everything from individual components to technological solutions at the system level. Macnica's technical services are also diverse, ranging from initial proposals, such as outline designs, to design contracting services, quality assurance and after-sale support.

In-depth information makes the difference

Macnica's network division has a long history, dating back to the early days of TCP/IP. Macnica also has a proven record in product development as a manufacturer, at it played a pioneering role in the network industry which led to establish its longstanding and close relationships with its customers and suppliers. This decisive difference in its technical expertise and depth of information embodies Macnica's strength in creating solutions that meet the customer's needs.

Demand creation

Macnica considers that demand creation is the ideal business model for a trading company. In the case of semiconductor products, when customers develop new devices or equipments, Macnica participates from the early stages, such as considering product concepts and defining requirements. In the case of network products, Macnica creates new markets in Japan together with suppliers, while meeting the customer's needs. Such practical foresight is one of Macnica's biggest strengths, offering benefits to both customers and suppliers.