Increase productivity from the assembly process!
Immediate judgment of work mistakes and cycle time measurement
Automate with AI

Do you have this problem?

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real time
Understanding work mistakes

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per task
the cycle time
not analyzed

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Automate with AI and camera

Real-time work error judgment

From the work video captured by the camera
Immediate judgment of work mistakes

When a work error occurs
on your monitor
Acknowledge alarm

Immediate improvement on the spot,
Prevent the outflow of defective products!

Cycle time measurement

Measure cycle time

See what's taking your time

by bottleneck analysis
Level work time

Pathfinder features and introduction effects

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Learning in an overwhelmingly short time

10% ↑

Productivity improvement

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Detailed analysis for each process

60% ↓

Decreased defect rate

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real time guide

44% ↓

Reduction in training period


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